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I'm back in town from a work trip and my large son missed me and wants to hug

Had to go outside to board this tiny plane for the second leg of my trip. I think I got sunburn standing outside.

My Lyft driver is listening to techno/trance at 6:30 in the morning and we are going a strange way to the airport. Is this how I die?

Never stop going. Off for another work trip. Tired of airports. Why must I fly to Charlotte from Pittsburgh to get to Illinois? 😫

Yesterday my set of lenses for the my phone camera arrived and while I was trying it out Spooky got quite interested in what the hell was that attached to my phone. It was a good way to test the new lenses :blobcatcamera:

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don't do it 

doing my best to restrain myself from the indulgent morning howling into the void over hellworld news articles on twitter.

I adore this place. Just like the early days of, well, you know. Some people are lovely, some won't engage, just move on if they don't. I hope it never ever changes.
Good job I love cats and rabbits too.😁

AGH scanning this was.. grr. Troubleshooting, deleting/reinstalling drivers, scanning, editing, and trying for an hour to get the colours kind of sort of right after they were mutilated by the scanner... eventually I grumbled "this'll do," and put it up on Redbubble on the off chance that y'all might like a print:

If you can't buy, plz boost, every little helps me make more art 💖 🙏 On that note, I've got a yellow rhino to paint 😁

#arttoot #mastoart #prints #painting

*wakes up, see TL completely full of big tiddy Alf*

What the fuck guys?

I am standing at a giant bus stop, not very close to anyone, still all I can smell is body odor from someone.

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