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Ahh I see there's an hashtag.

Like everyone else at the moment I'm a . From northern England, mostly trying to keep social media a happy place via the medium of 80s/90s pop music (the cheesier the better tbh), occasionally drifting over into Maker & software development stuff.

Possibly the odd despairing political rant as well.

in my case is definitely Top of the Pops and not time-based one time passwords!

There are herons that nest each year at the top of some pine trees in the woods near our house. Unfortunately this fine young birdling has fallen out of the nest (probably squabbling for space with siblings).

The RSPB's advice is to leave it alone so that its parents continue to feed it, so far according to our neighbours they have been regularly flying down to do so. Fingers crossed it stays out of the clutches of the local foxes.

Almost tempted to resurrect my birdsite account to see what they're saying about this. Almost, but not quite.

Did they really have both Kylie and Jason in the same studio at the same time. That must have been a bit awks backstage.

Oh Kylie. This is not your greatest moment. Not by a long shot. You are of course forgiven because you're , but still ...

I'd love to know how many Health & Safety forms had to be filled in before they were allowed to have what looked very much like a real campfire on the stage in the studio.

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Were they aiming for this to take the Christmas Number One slot? Is that why they're doing a sort of Carter-esque "shepherds around the fire" thing?

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*/me gets up and prepares to start jumping around the living room*
... and the cat's scarpered!

This one's a proper banger. Still fills dance floors today whenever it gets put on.

This is like a Bon Jovi song being sung by Guns n' Roses.

"Live tonight: Carter, Kylie, Jason, and EMF"

That's my sort of lineup!

Mastodon has changed me. I composed a fairly scathing post just now, looked at it for a few seconds, and then deleted rather than posting. Back on the birdsite I'd have sent that off into the ether without a second thought.

And a plea to women (and men!) doing drunk karaoke nights on Christmas work dos: please PLEASE don't try to sing I Will Always Love You because unless you are literally Whitney Houston you will not be able to do the song justice.

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Whitney's voice in this song is (of course) absolutely sensational. But it's really, really overplayed.

Ahh well it wouldn't be an episode of 1990s without a pointless cover version. So here it is.

There are also only about 12 very bemused looking Russians watching their gig. I don't think this was quite the glorious revolution they'd hoped for.

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