Sorry folks! I went and built my own Mastodon instance. I'm moved to

Domain subject to change (though if I do change it, I'll use that as an alternate name so if you follow me there it won't be for naught. :)

hey everyone i made a little Stylish theme for mastodon

it lets you
* change UI opacity
* turn on fullwidth
* set the background to whatever image you want

The constant drive by the Right toward enforcing homogeneity will doom our species.

Nazis are bad. Abortion is good, and saves lives of socially-important human lives. Free press is the only way to save freedom. FIGHT ME.

@pan I hate ableism for exactly that reason. It's unnecessary damage to people who are otherwise vulnerable and wholly innocent. :(

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So until a lot of these issues are addressed, Mastodon is probably not going to be better than Twitter at dealing with harassment.

At the moment I'm literally just reading the public timeline and following people who aren't shitposters and trolls and the sort of asshole I'd instablock over on Twitter.

I have no idea how this will work out. As long as there's better tools available to control harassment, I may adopt it instead of Twitter. I may even make it my permanent home. Depends entirely on whether it can do what Twitter can't.

Wrote a small python wrapper for the Mastodon API so you can easily write bots in python ! @Gargron


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