what does "cw" and "nsfw" mean in the context of mastodon?

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A couple of people from various instances have mentioned that #Mastodon is confusing at first. So I decided to write a comprehensive guide on how to get started with Mastodon.

Hopefully this helps new users to Mastodon. Please do Boost if you feel it could be useful to others.


@criptos i notice you have on your profile desc — what does that mean to you and what is your beautiful vision regarding this concept?

i see a number of users writing in different languages — is there a translation widget planned such as on facebook?

sometimes i see certain posts have been "boosted" — what does this mean exactly and how does one go about doing it?

what is the best place (or way) on mastodon to form a group dedicated to ideas and actions for positive revolutionary action on a local and global level?

is there a rationale behind the 500 character limit in mastodon? and do all instances have this limit?


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