@paul Facebook has over 2 billion users on its network.

if actual outreach and coalition building is a key target for organizing, why in the world would we shun a tool obviously still critical in that realm?

I absolutely hate fb and wish everyone would come to #fediverse. That's also a pipe dream when ppl are busy and use the tools they know and cant get all the things here that they do there.

I remade an acct to keep up with comrades / access events.

Organize where effective.

@slackz Organising on Facebook is handing a nicely formatted list of all activists, all their contacts, friends and family, their 24/7 location data, browsing history, and a list of how to manipulate them to the authorities.

It doesn't matter how many people are there, it's not worth it.

If people truly care about an issue they'll go to the extreme inconvenience of typing a different URL into their browser to visit a safer site with less surveillance built in.


@paul @slackz ahh i see you answered the questions already :)

what are the best activist instances here on mastodon?

i am interested in starting my own instance here for an idea i was about to begin on facebook

now i need to learn how to setup my own reliable server first :)

@lovi Have a look around the instances listed here joinmastodon.org for something that might suit.

If there isn't anything that's quite right, start your own instance with a few friends and go from there

@lovi @paul you would be very welcome on organizing.social :)
I can send invite if you're interested...

@slackz @paul yes please send an invite — actually i was wondering how i do sign up for new instances as i'm a noob here on mastodon :)

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