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Found a Remote Code Execution on (CVE-2020-1321) during my consulting services.

The vulnerability is triggered while parsing 3D objects and potentially affects a wide variety of Microsoft products.


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Them: So what CVEs do you have?
Me: None
Them: Public tools you've written?
Me: None
Them: Books you've written?
Me: None...
Them: Public trainings you've given?
Me: uh...none...
Them: Tech conference talks?
Me: ...none...
Them: So what do you do for the infosec community?
Me: ..

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What Nix gotchas you wish you knew before wasting your time?

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Vulnerability Researchers and Exploit developers

Instead of stinging together a bunch of handles, I’m sharing my list:


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Another bug in CIsco NX-OS 9.3.4: Some IPv6 addresses can not be used for ntp serveres. You can enter the values. But nothing happens. They will not show up in the config.

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For those interested in firewall terminology (and network security standards ;-), this @insinuator@twitter.com post from 2016 might be helpful:

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PHP 8 in production, a week later. No issues. Faster response time:
- median response time: 15% lower (9.5ms-> 8ms)
- p90: 43% lower (21ms -> 12ms)
In short, faster and more stable.
This is my blog, a Symfony website, no JIT, nothing special. Runs on AWS Lambda with Bref/PHP-FPM twitter.com/matthieunapoli/sta

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Read this on a chat this morning:

"Username and Password IS 2-factor auth"

Mathematically speaking, it's true!🤣

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