@lowk3y "Investigation and recourse rely on knowledge of the whole system"
-Paul Vixie

RT @helpnetsecurity@twitter.com: Targeted attacks on crypto exchanges resulted in a loss of $882 million - bit.ly/2CqgrAn - @GroupIB@twitter.com

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RT @x0rz@twitter.com: This is why you shouldn’t use Math.random() in Java for cryptographically sensitive functions (like generating a token), talk by @b4stet4@twitter.com

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RT @benimmo@twitter.com: BREAKING: @TWITTER@twitter.com just published the full dataset of tweets from the Russian and Iranian troll farms.

9 million Russian tweets. 1 million Iranian tweets.

They gave @DFRLab@twitter.com a look ahead of time.

Thread on the findings to follow.


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RT @OWASP_MSTG@twitter.com: We graduated to OWASP Lab status! Look at our shiny new badges at github.com/OWASP/owasp-mstg ;-) . We would like to thank our reviewers, contributors and sponsors that made this project happen!

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RT @CSObservatory@twitter.com: The Israel CyberSlide! Available in high resolution for download:
We are calling on , , , cybersecurity startups.
Please get in touch at:

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RT @LukasStefanko@twitter.com: How mobile spyware is spread via Facebook.

1) Fake hot girl profile starts to chat with you.
2) When chat gets intimate, they want to move to more secure chat platform.
3) They send you link to chatting app.
4) Chatting app is spyware.

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RT @defcon@twitter.com: this month in - @NASA@twitter.com launched the 60 years ago, intending a flyby of the moon. Programming errors shortened the flight to 43 hours in space. Still brought home some useful data, and looked very future-cool doing it.

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RT @Aimee_Laycock@twitter.com: Happy Cyber Security Awareness Month! @getcltre@twitter.com 2018 report studies 20,000+ employees in 7 languages, shares the latest , and looks at changes. PLUS it's free! get.clt.re/report

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RT @KeithRParsons@twitter.com: RT @mistermultipath@twitter.com: The faces of the 13 CWNEs at ⁦⁦@Aerohive⁩ -
That is way impressive!

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RT @Nick_Lowe@twitter.com: @lowk3y@twitter.com @GregorVucajnk@twitter.com It doesn't seem the CAPWAP information returned is currently a basis to be able to give a richer error message.

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The following CLI command failed:^Minterface wifi1 radio channel 149 <<<

RT @abt_programming@twitter.com: HTTP status ranges in a nutshell:

1xx: hold on
2xx: here you go
3xx: go away
4xx: you fucked up
5xx: I fucked up

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RT @laparisa@twitter.com: My opening joke at today's work offsite: "I was going to tell you all a UDP joke, but you might not get it."

The only person that laughed was @__apf__@twitter.com

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RT @mkolsek@twitter.com: What puzzles me about this libssh vuln:

1) USERAUTH_REQUEST is used for specifying the user you want to authenticate as. If you don't send it, who are you authenticated as?

2) The patch (libssh.org/security/patches/st) introduces (not replaces!) state checking. Was there none before? twitter.com/dlitchfield/status

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RT @TripwireInc@twitter.com: Fake Adobe update really *does* update Flash (while also installing cryptominer) tripwire.me/2QRns1f via @gcluley@twitter.com

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