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A week later for WhatsApp and we have another fix for CVE-2019-3569?

At least now it's on update notes.

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Question: What kind of solution you use to discover (all) shadow IT/3rd party services you run outside your company/enterprise network?

We need more containerzed eviroments running only :) Why? Because!

Had 1:1 call yesterday with one of the biggest container security vendors and asked question about support! Answer was shocking in a way: NO support, what so every, not even on the roadmap - not enough demand from enterprises!

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Unethical ProTip: Apply the Win10 wallpaper to Windows 7 and you’ll pass the audit.

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@kevinmitnick@twitter.com look at us now, time sure does fly we are getting some years under our belts,Thank you for opening your heart and brain to us all,
Good times glad we are still alive and free... Glad to see you doing so well! @2600@twitter.com you'll forever be the Social Engineering KING

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Today is the big day! Kali 2019.2 release!

Ready for download at offs.ec/2VEkr6v

This release has MAJOR NetHunter updates, 13 new images and new device support. Thanks to the NetHunter team for pushing this forward and @re4sonkernel@twitter.com for leading this effort.

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May 2019 Tip #22:

It seems that every Wireshark user discovers the "Follow TCP stream" function sooner or later. But current versions of Wireshark also have other "Follow" functions, e.g. "Follow HTTP stream" that can unzip compressed content.

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AWS team published this month a guide on how their customers can respond to security incidents in their AWS environments

PDF: d1.awsstatic.com/whitepapers/a

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What could go wrong with unpatched k8s CVEs? Pretty much everything. 😂 @IanColdwater@twitter.com

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To celebrate the end of what is sure to be a successful week at Europe and to kick off , the team will be hosting a security-powered networking happy hour for professionals. 🇬🇧😃

Have a drink, chat, and meet the team: hackerone.com/events/2019/Hack

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