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Payload 𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗞: pastebin.com/Yipatipt
Currently 𝗔𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃e
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Join us on SpatialChat, Zoom or Slack today - we are trying to recreate the atmosphere while in lockdown:


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Any good tricks how to tweak/upgrade -new to detect and block all those absurd phising/scam spam that's out there. sa-learn just don't cut it anymore ..

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My son wrote a great blog on the @defcon@twitter.com virtual event we ran, ok, yes I am a proud papa - good work on the competition and the blog, @TheOtherSE@twitter.com !

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If you need some relaxing music I can really recommend the Windows XP Installation Sound in the Welcome Screen.
Check it out.

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Ep 79: Dark Basin. Featuring interviews from @jsrailton@twitter.com and @CyberClues@twitter.com of @CitizenLab@twitter.com. Hear how they investigated a shady group of hackers who were conducting a major phishing campaign against victims.

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via @helpnetsecurity@twitter.com Is your organization prepared for PCI DSS 4.0? bit.ly/37aBW6l

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ha hahahah hahahahahha

Spacex was my first job out of college.

I designed this:

Where are your GPA gods now? twitter.com/DavidRamsdenWo/sta

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.@Splunk@twitter.com experts out there - seeking quick solution for this search query. Thank you!

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I have written a blog about the importance of the 802.11 preambles, and especially why this preamble is almost the only way to detect there is an ongoing 802.11 frame transmission on the channel

Please comments


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Looking for a job change?
@PaulaCqure@twitter.com says there is plenty of opportunities in area.

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Hello @jack@twitter.com and @TwitterSupport@twitter.com, I would really like to get our @sledilnik@twitter.com back. Act now, as we would like to have our public informed about Covid-19 situation in Slovenia. Thanks!

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