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USB armory Mk II pre-orders will open soon on @crowd_supply@twitter.com ! :)


In the meantime here are the slides from my first sneak peek talks about its design and features:


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The Norwegian flag is the Swiss Army knife of flags: It contains six other flags!

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Dear @balccon@twitter.com community, I'm trying to put together a "impressions and best of" article on and I need your photos! Please DM me for a upload link, and I will share them together for the world to see what they missed ;) Pls RT!

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. @vanjasvajcer@twitter.com talking on about legitimate tools or weapons of mass compromise...

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I want go get my hands to new USB armory Mk II ASAP! Great presentation about new features by @AndreaBarisani@twitter.com at @BSidesVarazdin@twitter.com!

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.@AndreaBarisani@twitter.com presentating USB Armory (NG/++) at @FSecure@twitter.com

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We're hiring! Join the @Hacker0x01@twitter.com Community team where our mission is to be the #1 source for education, support, and financial opportunity for hackers. Great benefits - including swag and live hacking event challenge coins :) jobs.lever.co/hackerone/158a66

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The iPad Pro, a $1000 computer from the future, does not include a calculator

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Wrote my first Kernel Exploit for a MacOS 0day. It was so much fun and I learned a lot \o/.
Credit for the bug goes to @LinusHenze@twitter.com (and @apple@twitter.com?) ;D
Code: github.com/A2nkF/macOS-Kernel-

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