Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere.

Everybody is going to die.

Lets watch TV


Gettin' ready for Talent Land... see you on friday!

Discovered Björn Olsson out of "Hilda" series, episode 11 "The house in the woods". Song is called "Annika", and it's so hypnotizingly calm and peaceful; incredibly apt for an epic couch strapped, fire-staring, story telling, star brimming winter evening in the mountains.

twisting your mind and smashing your dreams...

Wordle (ES) #174 6/6


Wordle 373 6/6


...and in my last hour, I'm a slave to the power of death!

Wordle (ES) #166 4/6


Rolls of red tape seal your leaps, now you're done in... 🤘

Got a Meta Quest 2, intend it for real work as a pc replacement or companion (like using it as a multi screen setup for my desktop computer multimedia apps), but so far my expectations exceed reality.

Still experimenting though.

Is it the journey, or the destination? Perhaps both?

Personally, I think both, but more the journey (we spend more time in during the ride).

Still figuring out how to handle this network.


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