There’s 55 hand sanitizers now on the FDA recall list (can be poisonous when absorbed through skin); check the list and what you have

Tiger passed away peacefully on Monday at age 17½, after a short battle with cancer. 😔 She’s buried between her sister Cali and uncle Yeti. The three stooges are together again. Eight cats in six years so far and it never gets easier.

Ok wow, that one was an even stronger roll. Heard a few cracks, blinds and lights were swinging a bit. Looks like a 7.1 or 6.9? Happened right after I got a notification for a 4.8.

Definitely felt the 6.4 earthquake for a few seconds. Shallow but 140mi away. I don’t remember hearing cracking noises or anything.

Mast 1.7.3 is here and it’s better than ever. It’s also discounted at $0.99/£0.99 for a limited time too! ✌️

"Remind me: New York font."

Okay, I'll remind you: New York phone.

*remove, remove*
"Remind me: New. York. FONT."

Okay, I'll remind you: New York fart.


Oops, I haven't said anything since October.

Chester passed away in November. He really had a wonderful extra-long life. Still, we miss him a lot.

In December, I finally replaced my 1st-gen Moto G with my very first iPhone (8 Plus), and I've actually stopped using my iPad mini.

Last week I installed Mojave on my 2012 iMac, which gradually became nothing more than a GarageBand/Photos/Mail machine. Still horribly slow. Mac mini is tempting but choosing 1TB SSD would double its price. No thanks.

You know you're getting old when one of your favorite childhood movies is on TCM. 😐

That was an absolutely beautiful launch!!! 😍 Perfect sky, perfect time.

Something I should have put in my intro: The cat in my profile's header image is Tiger and I took that photo in 2009. She's 16 now but doing very well except for IBD and a bit of confusion.

Older than Tiger is Chester, a ragdoll who had adopted us, and he's most likely in his early twenties. He's not doing so well for several reasons and we nearly had to say goodbye a couple weeks ago. He's had a great life with us though. Outlived five others that we always thought would outlive him. 😔

Hollow Knight is an amazing game, but I'm sooo frustrated right now. Might be time to resume Geralt's retirement in Stardew Valley.

My name is Lisa and I live in California. Been relatively quiet on Twitter for much of the last 11 years, and I barely used ADN & Ello, but here I am again. 🙃 I think macOS & iOS are awesome but I play games on a PC. I've played piano by ear since age 3 and gravitate toward film/TV/game scores; volunteered in a hospital lobby for about a year and that was fun until my anxiety won. I also enjoy astronomy, sci-fi, photography, pizza, ice cream, and taking care of my geriatric cats.


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