Signal assumes no E2EE network can survive without centralization to empower rapid changes.

I assume no E2EE network can survive without decentralization to resist political demands for censorship and backdoors.

This is fundamentally why I always recommend Matrix over Signal.

The only thing is, for now, Signal is the only service I can safely recommend to my less techy/technophobic friends. Just moving from FB Messenger to Signal took a huge effort and it was a great step forward.

@zimza I hear you, but switching people from FB to Signal feels like switching from meth to nicotine. Replacing one set of chains for lesser set.

Let's promote freedom instead!

I can't justify asking friends to give an app their phone number and centralize their communications in yet another walled garden.

Element is as easy to use as Slack at this point and I have helped lots of non-engineers switch.

Highly encourage giving it a go :)

@zimza That said if you need a stopgap solution to help people who have already established their networks in a walled garden like Signal, Matrix supports bridges.

Moxie hates these efforts and has vowed to stop them so they may not be viable forever but, they work for now.

In all fairness the server I'm currently using has performance issues which shouldn't exist, but I have no influence there. This however does bring out the worst in the clients. Which will not inform you of not sending, or you'll find out much later. Especially in the webclient I've seen stuff just disappear. But it seems like it can also cause big io/cpu load if the server is slow

@lrvick it sucks they are asking for a phone number on #Signal. You still have XMPP/Jabber/OTR with ONEMO. Yes @matrix protocol is cool tho.

@lrvick I agree in a technical level, but good luck making my grandfather setup a Matrix client.
He installed signal though..


Matrix / Element certainly looks interesting. I much prefer Element over Slack due to data ownership.

Worth mentioning in the E2EE chat app space is #DeltaChat - works with existing, truely decentralised IMAP / SMTP infrastructure

@lrvick In addition to the awkward magic tricks Signals plays in my phone... like connecting me to cleartext contacts from outside of the app.

Another of those rapey features that feels just like Facebook.
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