The RIAA issued GitHub a takedown notice for "youtube-dl" via their DMCA repo, which of course GitHub instantly complied with without protest.

Now a security bug GitHub refused to fix has been used to push the DMCA censored code into the DMCA repo itself.

Let the recursive censorship games begin!


FYI all forks of a GitHub repo are stored together in the backend. If you fork the "dmca" repo and push code to a new empty branch, it is accessible from the original repo as well. Security problem, right? GitHub didn't think so.

Anyone can push DMCAed code to GitHub DMCA repo.

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@lrvick So… you’re saying that github stores the versions of the projects that got blocked in its “github/dmca.git” repository.

But nobody can change the master branch of that repo, since they’re not github.

However github lets you “fork” any repo, and in that fork you can set the master branch to whatever you want, including code that was “taken down” for DMCA bullshit.

Yeah that’s gonna be patched by next week, so enjoy it while you can. :p

@cy They have been aware of this issue for years now and done nothing. We will see!

@lrvick what


why would ANYONE think that's a good idea??????

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