"We have filed a separate Sensitive Data takedown request of this file: /widevine-l3-decryptor as it contains the secret Widevine RSA private key, which was extracted from the Widevine CDM and can be used in other circumvention technologies."

If the RIAA issues a request to remove this beautiful artwork, I will of course be forced to comply.

I wonder however what would happen if there were many many copies?

I guess they would have to hire a lot more people.

Job creation opportunity?

@lrvick I wonder what happens if someone writes the key into the Bitcoin blockchain???

@lrvick Oh my haha I've been looking for this so long now - only after Google filed it's takedown request - it appears just in front of my nose and looking like a beautiful work of art, too!

@lrvick Hmmm, no question whether this is a valid DMCA (1201) takedown.

Also no question about my opposition:

@abloo @lrvick It is, and I haven't received one yet. I'll check out my configuration tomorrow.

@abloo @lrvick I thought it would, and now it does!

Turns out the file permissions were wrong & I needed to run chmod. I haven't tried downloading directly from my Mastodon client before...

@jeff if this isn't properly mirrored in every single public open git repo & torrented, I don't want to read about it, it doesn't exist.
Also, QRs are past century, use better Steganography. Cat pictures are usually preserved better than some binary junk.

@461 honestly I tried a few stego methods but the key is large enough that I could not find anything that worked well in a single image that compression on various sites didn't break.

Figured QR is the most universally easy to parse even with compression, screenshotting, etc.

Would love to see alternatives though!

@lrvick i heard it cant be taken down if printed on a tshirt. or did that only apply to the rsa weapon classification thing?

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