Apple loves to market themselves as privacy friendly while quietly disabling critical features like universal VPN support.

I also assume they lose 0 users over this too.

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@_sizeofcat Indeed. I won't even accept it for free. I don't want it in my home.

@lrvick @thegibson this doesn't appear to affect VPNs configured through the OS's native VPN client(s), though; that leads me to suspect this is an error rather than an intentional erosion of control

I could be wrong of course, but as always the proof will be in the response

@calcifer @thegibson even if it was a mistake, the choice to lock users out of the OS so no one but them can fix this type of mistake was very intentional.

You can't own an Apple product. You can only do with one what Apple wishes you to be able to do.

@lrvick @calcifer @thegibson It's really just a decision to trust Apple, and for many people that is good enough(tm).

@lrvick It's a sad state when Apple's behavior (this, plus the whole insecure phone-home-whenever-you-launch-an-app crap) looks better than what you get with Google or others. Some of it is marketing of course, but dang.

@docskrzyk is it better? At least with Google devices you are granted the choice to install your own signing key and replace it with a third party OS or one you compile yourself.

@lrvick Apple is a corporation is all you need to know.

We've created a system that forces massively powerful sociopathic entities (corporations) to do whatever they can to maximise profit, and only prioritise humans, the law etc where it creates too high a cost of doing business.

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