All you need to know to opt someone out of their credit card usage data being sold is their card number.

It would be a public service if someone used an XSS 0day to automatically opt out all credit card numbers used on major online retailers.

Worth noting: After 5 years credit card carriers you explicitly told to stop selling your data will automatically start selling it again anyway.

Whenever possible use cash or cryptocurrency.

Credit card companies are not your friends.

@lrvick There is no regional information in your post, what state or region are you referring to? Mastodon is international, it always makes sense to mention the geographical context.

@jayrope I am in the US but it seems this is true of most countries.

@lrvick For that reality perception of yours, have any trustable data sources/links to undermine regional similarities or differences?

@jayrope Visa and MasterCard are US companies that operate worldwide. Selling transaction data is how they make money.

Just like if you use Facebook in another country, it still collects your data.

What is not clear is what countries allow you to opt out. Credit card companies won't allow opt out unless legally forced.

@lrvick Credits cards of whatever kind are banned from Berlin transportation ticket machines, originally for the reason, that tickets for all woul dbecome more expnsive, if credit card fees had to be added to the base price. That about illustrates regional differences. i like cash. Seems to cancel the personalized data problem right from the start. But yes, i know about LTV and such things. Avoiding it like the pest.

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