Everyone is whining about the Boston Dynamics robot police dog in NY.

Let it happen! We should all be demanding nonlethal robot police with provably fair behavior.

Would you rather be arrested by a human that can't tell a gun from a taser?

@lrvick Robots carry their own risks, though.

Even without a surrounding systemic problem the robot may still handle situations wrong. And when it goes wrong it adds ambiguity to who is responsible.

I'd personally not be comfortable with robots carrying out that type of work. Broken system or not.

@rune if we can fight to make the source code public and provably fair, I welcome it.

The main reason cops use lethal weapons is to "protect themselves".

Robot police don't have this excuse and could be deployed with only nonlethal weapons.

@lrvick Yeah, but Americans care more about property than human life, so that's actually worse.

@lrvick Sorry, that was a snappy comeback for dramatic effect.

I see your point, but even with current nonlethal measures survival rates aren't great.

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