For those not familiar yet, the above is the new defacto canary to tell if someone fears or is controlled by the Chinese government.

Anyone that can't say or retracts this phrase, like John Cena, is compromised or a coward.


If I need to be able to hire or otherwise trust someone with any ties to China moving forward, I am going to want them to publicly say "Taiwan is a country".

@lrvick so if someone is from China and their family is still in China, and they'd like to visit for holidays or sth, you don't want to hire such a person?

@wolf480pl I said "want", not "require".

If someone has a good reason such as this, I would need to find alternative paths to build trust.

Getting them to say something censored however would rapidly demonstrate a lack of fear of the Chinese government.

Or they -are- Chinese government and can lie with impunity which I would also need to try and rule out.

@lrvick I mean, I can certainly imagine jobs which not fearing the Chinese government is an absolute requirement. But then there are other jobs, and I guess for those not fearing the Chinese government is a nice to have?
I have no idea what your business is doing and where it sits on that scale...

@wolf480pl I work in fintech security and the threat model of most of my clients includes state actors.

Anyone that has leverage on them by a foreign power can't be trusted with keys to the kingdom.

E.G. if someone says "I can't say that, it would cost me business in China". Okay fair enough, but that quickly tells me you might do or not do what China tells you, which limits how far I can trust you.

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