I once spent two weeks downloading a WinXP ISO off Kazaa via dialup.

It booted to Goatse.

The only reasonable response was seeding that ISO to many others.

This is probably why I am so obsessed signatures on software artifacts.

If you don't know what Goatse is, congratulations on avoiding one of the worst internet memes.

You are better off not looking it up.

You will anyway, but at least I can say I warned you.

😏 I mentioned Goatse to my husband, he'd not heard of it. He is wise not to go looking. I'm frankly amazed he hadn't heard of it since he'd been on the net since the mid 90s. Innocence is a lovely thing. But yeah don't go looking it up.

@onepict @lrvick sadly i saw this when it was too late. biggest regret of my life.

@onepict @lrvick Worse than goatse is the site
that seriously messes with your head. I haven't checked but hopefully it no longer exists.

@lrvick goatse single handedly spurred the development of SHA hashes

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