This behavior, right here, is why I no longer recommend GrapheneOS to anyone for any reason.

Please support open source alternatives like CalyxOS. Security and privacy are too important to entrust to toxic cowboys, no matter how talented.

@lrvick as somebody who has not kept up with the latest privacy-respecting Android-bases OSes but does want to be aware of the most viable options, is there somewhere I can read the backstory of this; I assume it's centered around a rift between the developers of various alternatives?

@mattcen It mostly took place in semi-private, but suffice to say you can just look at all the public output of this person on reddit/twitter etc to understand he is brilliant but does not play nice with others and not fit to hold the sole set of signing keys on people's phones.

He seeks to be the -only- security/privacy focused android distribution and keep all code he writes privately licensed in spite of 99.999% of GrapheneOS being open source work by others.

@lrvick What's the background here? It seems really weird.

@lrvick But #CalyxOS comes with a lot of added stuff, and its boot screen messes with my eyes. #GrapheneOS comes with nothing, and that's refreshing.

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