"Help us build our open source decentralized security and/or privacy focused thing! Join our discord/slack/telegram here!"

Literally no way for people that actually believe in open source and decentralization to engage with your project. Cool story bro.

@lrvick Typical. :( And if you show them something that is, "No, not like that."

@lrvick Or maybe you'd want to have a look at our anarchist collective's missive? Here's a google docs link, and a twitter handle should you want to keep in touch.

On a more constructive note - if you're into decenetralized- or peer- something—ask your peers, check with somebody you know, or who just might share your values and chances are they'd help you hosting your stuff. Yes, #dogfood tastes delicious, esp. when shared with fine folks like you!

@lrvick "to download this "open source" software please write a message in discord"

And of course they all work on macs. Yes, #Apple is the epitome of open source. Go give them more money to continue working in #opensource and #openhardware, and promoting right to repair 🧠

@lrvick so nice of such projects to say so plainly that they're a joke straight up
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