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cd youtube-dl
git init
git config ""
git config "Nat Friedman"
git add .
git commit -m "Hi"
git remote add origin
git push -f origin master
echo '/github/dmca/tree/$(git rev-parse HEAD)'

To clone the DMCA censored "youtube-dl" from the DMCA repo:

git clone -n youtube-dl && cd youtube-dl && git fetch origin 416da574ec0df3388f652e44f7fe71b1e3a4701f && git checkout FETCH_HEAD

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FYI all forks of a GitHub repo are stored together in the backend. If you fork the "dmca" repo and push code to a new empty branch, it is accessible from the original repo as well. Security problem, right? GitHub didn't think so.

Anyone can push DMCAed code to GitHub DMCA repo.

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The RIAA issued GitHub a takedown notice for "youtube-dl" via their DMCA repo, which of course GitHub instantly complied with without protest.

Now a security bug GitHub refused to fix has been used to push the DMCA censored code into the DMCA repo itself.

Let the recursive censorship games begin!

Note: this version probably doesn't work on most/all videos today after some more testing.

It is an iteration of one I wrote years ago:

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Meanwhile. My parrot expresses her feelings about the current state of democracy.

The RIAA just got GitHub to ban open source YouTube downloaders.

They don't want anyone to share this code:

mplayer $(echo -s "$(cu $youtube_url | sed -n "/watch_fullscreen/s;.*\(video_id.\+\)&title.*;\1;p")&fmt=22")


Saying you can't justify the cost of a hardware security module to protect you on the internet like a Yubikey or Mooltipass is like saying you can't justify the price of condoms to go to a sex party.

Please invest in basic protections for yourself and those that trust you.

Apple helps China spy on, censor, and ban apps for their citizens and of "threats" like Hong Kong. Now they are forcing closure of political Telegram chats.

Apple will sell your privacy and freedom whenever it suits them politically.

Stop funding them.

Remember that one time Google forced an "Anonymous Coward" to remove the ability to choose alternative search engines in Android?

I can't wait to see how they explain this in the DOJ antitrust lawsuit.

Signal assumes no E2EE network can survive without centralization to empower rapid changes.

I assume no E2EE network can survive without decentralization to resist political demands for censorship and backdoors.

This is fundamentally why I always recommend Matrix over Signal.

Update: Most stable/powerful thing I have ever flown. I regret not building a 7" sooner! Clean HD footage with no vibration too.

Small VTX drops so I am going to move the antenna up higher and do more range testing.

Next: finding some towers to dive.

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Built my first 7" 6S freestyle FPV quad.

Then the pandemic happened, and moving, and remodeling, and a new job.

Finally did some equipment testing today.

Real maiden flight tomorrow.

This morning on a hunch I went on github and searched for 'math/rand' encrypt' and 'rand.seed' and filtered for golang.

30 minutes in I realized there were more potential CVEs than I would ever bother to file.

If anyone is bored, have fun.

95F and my driver had no A/C. Would not roll down the windows presumably to save gas.

"How much discomfort is this person willing to endure for such a small optimization?" I thought.

Then I realized I am the same way about tech.

Do not trust any project that claims it is security focused and then proceeds to ask you to "pip install ...", "go get ...", "npm install ...", "curl ... | bash" or even "verify this hash we host right next to the binary".

Reproducible builds and signatures or GTFO.

Many are trapped in the false dichotomy of paying for Apple phones with freedom or paying for Google phones with privacy.

I would rather give up neither and support the teams building healthier alternatives like PinePhone, Librem5, Precursor, PostmarketOS, and de-googled AOSP.

The Five Eyes and friends released a statement repeating their demand for backdoors into e2e encryption, so we're repeating why its a terrible idea.

After 15 years SEGA finally gave a "hold my beer" response to the Game Boy Micro with the even smaller Game Gear Micro.

Beer cap for reference.

I hypothesize most anti-maskers have some level of narcissism and oppositional defiant disorder.

They demonstrate cognitive dissonance when shown evidence that exposing their face in public can kill people.

Retail shirt/shoes policies don't clash with identity like masks.

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