I'm calling a social media strike for July 4-5:

I know many here have already abandoned the likes of Facebook and Twitter. But if you're still there...announce that you're on strike (repeatedly?) on those days, in protest of these companies' abusive policies, and if you like, share this Declaration of Digital Independence:

Me on Tucker Carlson talking about the :

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> announce that you're on strike (repeatedly?)

If you announce you're on strike on the platforms you're striking - is that really being on strike? Seems like it would just start more conversations:

A> I'm on strike!

B> Why?

A> Let me tell you...

B> Cool idea, I'll share that now with all my followers.

C> Likes A's post

Platform> Yay! Ad views are up today!

Why not just tell people to stay off those sites/apps for two days?

@lsanger Also, while the 4th is symbolic - planning a social media strike on a major US holiday probably won't net the most uptake. Lots of events, photo sharing, etc. would be expected over the next couple days.

It's like calling for a Consumerism Strike the week before Christmas.

A random Wednesday would have probably gotten more participation.

@sean You could be right, Sean. I just liked the symbolism of the Declaration of Digital Independence being launched on July 4, and if we didn't get a hell of a lot of participation (there was definitely some), we got a lot of media publicity for the concept of decentralized social media, which is perhaps more important.

We can do it again, anyway.

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