The Lego Batman Movie is the best Batman movie.

TeeVee 451: Batman University: “The Lego Batman Movie”

I don't know why anyone wastes time asking Michael Shannon about playing Trump when it's obvious that Jonah Hill is going to be cast in the biopic someone makes in 20 years.

I think about Yo! Gabba Gabba at least once a day, which is totally normal for an adult and not at all a sign of early-onset anything.

My mom and I are going to be driving across the country, west to east, in October. (We're dropping off a car at the house she & my stepfather kept in Virginia.) I last drove cross-country in '96. TRIP PLANNING IS SO VERY DIFFERENT NOW.

The other thing blowing my mind: b/c my mom had me when she was young & I was on the late side for having kids, I will be the age NOW that my mom was when she drove w/me to SF & dropped off her just-out-of-grad-school child. I have a 2nd grader.

I would absolutely watch the movie where Winona & Keanu are closing in on their 25th anniversary, their last kid goes to college & they decide to take a road trip across the country to reconnect as a couple:

"If you are actively benefiting from the emotional and spiritual and physical labor of women — from your wife, from the mother of your children — then it’s time to start recognizing it and step up. "

There's a conversation to be had on the ethics of glamorizing rich people in the media without examining the origins of their wealth or the impact of their wealth (b/c they're making all that money off someone). This is not that conversation -- just an illustration of how seductive Nice Things appear when you remove wealth from context:

As someone who has worn Tevas since 1990 and did, in fact, see Rusted Root in concert in college, this essay cuts close to the bone:

Like, A LITTLE WARNING would be nice that this is coming? The option to buy the tracks and download them, maybe?

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There needs to be a word for the very specific irritation that rises when an album you're listening to in Spotify is suddenly missing half its tracks.

I should note this is not because I'm some sort of strident nationalist, but because I think, culturally, we are utterly unprepared for what it's like to be an empire in decline.

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The recent federal policy decisions to double down on fossil fuels & restrict immigration are going to leave the U.S. bereft of talent for defining/dominating the next stages in tech (i.e. AI, clean mobile computing, clean data centers, etc.)

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Hello, world! I may as well start sharing my links and assorted observations here.


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