If larger country oppresses a smaller country,I’ll stand with smaller country

If smaller country has Majoritarian Religion which oppresses minority religions,I’ll stand with Minority religion

If minority religion has caste & one caste oppresses another caste,I’ll stand with caste being oppressed

In oppressed caste if an employer oppresses his employee,I’ll stand with employee

If employee goes Home & oppresses his wife,I’ll stand with that woman

Overall oppression is my enemy

I thought 'blue tick :verified:' will be available for everyone, but it only works on mstdn server so I am deleting my blue tick and I also insist my friends to do the same. We came here for shattering hierarchy!

#BlueTick #Verified #twitter

Oh, I forgot to mention one other thing she said. 🙂
If there's a temple to be constructed in a village, you will immediately see a lot of old people scrambling to help. Arranging for funds, writing to family abroad to send money, all that.
When they have so much energy for all this, can't they use this to help arrange decent bus transport for the village?

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Started following random people here @Mastodon and later may be filter it out based on my interest

I am new and kind of lost already! Will someone show some mercy and direct me follow some good folks here to start with!


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