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Glass taping the seams ... It's a mess 😝

This boat is exactly the same length as an optimist but it's fuller and, at least to my taste, much more ship shape in the lines.

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Bilge panels are on and temporarily taped with masking tape, covering up our poor measuring. Now the filling with epoxy filler can begin ...

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Anyone one the fediverse interested in ? Please boost 👍

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Are there any botanists or botany hobbyists on here who can help me with tree rot and plant decay? 👀

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Mal wieder ein Elektro-Basteln-Projekt angefangen.
Ich bräuchte da mal #hilfe zu DALI LED Steuerung. Kennt sich damit zufällig jemand aus?
#askfedi #led #dali #pleaseboost

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Where do you stand on the subject of:

unconditional basic income?

... now I'm back to installing .

OpenGApps or not?

I really find it hard to give my consent to all those googly permissions ... 🤔

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So for most of last year I used my 2 with and minimal OpenGApps. But the hardware was pretty buggy.

Since I got my Fairphone 3 a couple of weeks ago I was back into the full on Google "experience". It felt so much more intrusive than say two years ago. Just a subjective impression? Installing Apps without even notifying? WTF? ...

My bank decided to supply no more CSV, just XML ... too bad for my accounting workflow ...

regarding this I found this fitting quote:

“Most xml i’ve seen makes me think i’m dyslexic...” – Charles Forsyth on 9fans

My experience with basically consists of receiveing a lot of spam ... trying to find a user facing option to block whole jabber domains ...

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Guys, this is the thing to do this upcoming saturday. The excellent performance group #gobsquad has it's premiere of Show Me A Good Time produced in Berlin and San Diego ...

"In Show Me A Good Time, Gob Squad send out time-travelling, shape-shifting explorers into a strangely unfamiliar reality, to find out how to go on and where, amongst the dust and the dirt, a good time might be found again."

why do I need the --devel-release switch to successfully do-release-upgrade? shouldn't *focal fossa* be the regular new release now?

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