Bilge panels are on and temporarily taped with masking tape, covering up our poor measuring. Now the filling with epoxy filler can begin ...

Glass taping the seams ... It's a mess 😝

This boat is exactly the same length as an optimist but it's fuller and, at least to my taste, much more ship shape in the lines.

After sanding the edges. That was a loud and dusty job. Sorry neighbors 😬

With a favorable weather forecast, we moved the boat outside. Yay, it fit through the kitchen!

Here's the whole outside covered in glass fabric, ready to "wet down" with resin.

In the end this didn't go too well. Lesson learned: don't try to work more than one layer of glass fabric at once ...

"In every amateur boatbuilder's shop there should be a 'moaning chair': this should be a comfortable seat from which the boat can be easily seen and in which the builder can sit, smoke, chew, drink, or swear as the moment demands."

--- Howard I. Chapelle,

My regular job was very demanding over the last weeks, but now the skeg is on, and two coats of primer ...

Fitting the fore-and-aft thwart. This longitudinal bench facilitates balancing the weight of passengers and any stuff carried ...

We've decided on a colouring scheme. The dark green side will be topped by a wooden rubb strip. I've also bought a nice pair of oars. The original plans suggest to build your own oars, but we want to get done. Maybe this upcoming weekend 😁

The interior needed some more love ... And stiffeners installed on the transoms.

The boat is almost finished ... And the living room's a mess 😅

@petros why? There's no beer in the picture, is there? That red thing is my tool box 😁

@petros or you mean those extra lengths of glass tape in case it springs a leak?

@petros I see, well that's worth a thought, considering what the pandemic had taught us ... 😂

@lskh well done! 👏 I rarely finish any of my projects so this was refreshing to see!

@samir thanks, and you see, at some point we had to vacate the living room 😅

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