Anyone one the fediverse interested in ? Please boost 👍

@lskh oh, sorry, but this idea seemed to have been flourishing in the back of mind for a good while, waiting for any excuse to burst through taking much of my ability to explain myself clearly.

Seriously... is the domain this reason has been a rare guest to. But i'm full of diy energy and if you'd ever need a dazzled apprentice boat builder, you still have my sig :)

@lskh My ToDo is overflowing, but I keep on my mental shelf few interesting concepts, including a multipurpose cata/trimaran I modeled once in Greece.

@lskh Pino is the name of the boat of @rek and @neauoire .

(They have recently sailed across an ocean, from Japan to Canada!)

But if I remember correctly, they bought Pino, so I'm unsure if that pertains to your interest in boat-building.

@rogbeer @lskh @neauoire We're interested in boat building, but we have never done it and don't exactly have the wallet for it. Although I enjoy following Sven Irvind's progress on his new boat.
Pino is a 37-year old fibreglass boat, and has only been ours for 5 years.

@lskh I know a few boat builders, but they usually repair old boats or build replicas of them. There are several amateurs building boats (or trying to and then abandoning the project) around too, but I doubt any of them are around on the fediverse.

@lskh I love dreaming about boatbuilding but I haven't embarked on a real project yet. But reading and looking at plans is a fun pass-time and I can dream about ending up someplace where I have the time and space to build lots of experimental boats!

@lskh I've been overcome with thoughts of building sharpie or sharpie-like sail boats over the past few weeks. I've not ever found boats compelling before. Some portion of me is hoping the urge passes.

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