The long drive home from the airport I kept myself company reciting aloud the three poems I memorized over the past months since my mother died: "I shall not pass this way again" (Eva Rose York); "Wild Geese" (Mary Oliver); "Tomorrow's Child" (Rubin Alves).


@bronwenj This is beautiful Bronwen and I am struck that my mother was very present for me at . Partly because @katebowles ruby red boots invoked her into the space for me. All that I could offer to others at my mother's memorial was Mary Oliver's "Wild Geese." Thank you so much for this Bronwen. What a gift to be present for and document your pathfinding onto Mastadon and to glimpse here again a bit of your long drive home.

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@ltaub Thank you lora. Your journey home went well?… I hope.

@ltaub @bronwenj Thank you so much for sharing this Bronwen. Often this week I was wearing my mother's red cardigan, and back in the hotel listening to the music that I played in the week that she died. I'm not sure why this week was the week for this, but I felt profoundly grateful that I got to be raised by this person, and still keep her close.

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