@lauraritchie @katebowles Clearing the browned blossoms on our backyard gardenia bush was my weekend chore when I was 4 or 5. I didn't mind it. Mom told me it would make room for new blooms and the scent lingered on my fingers for hours.

@katebowles @tellio @dogtrax @ShorterPearson @Tdorey @risabee@social.coop @lauraritchie @bronwenj This is the only time ever on any social media ever that someone has said: here are some recommended and welcoming friends who may help you find some waypoints here. Hello and kind thanks to each one here.

@lauraritchie @paralithode @katebowles When I asked in Kate's presence, what are our responsibilities when we take the images of others and render them public I was very much holding in my mind and heart the work of documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Barrett. From the heavily storied place of Letcher County Kentucky, Barrett made a film about just that question (and which I am grateful to share and discuss with students every semester). "Stranger with a Camera" pbs.org/pov/strangerwithacamer

@bronwenj This is beautiful Bronwen and I am struck that my mother was very present for me at . Partly because @katebowles ruby red boots invoked her into the space for me. All that I could offer to others at my mother's memorial was Mary Oliver's "Wild Geese." Thank you so much for this Bronwen. What a gift to be present for and document your pathfinding onto Mastadon and to glimpse here again a bit of your long drive home.

@katebowles is gently guiding us in person back into mastodon and I'm thinking it might be okay to linger a bit longer.

Wading into meaning making this morning. So many evocative metaphors and comparisons already. And an article from @mahabali to anticipate @profhacker! mastodon.social/media/15980


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