We'd need a #Vim GUI that supports smooth scrolling. That's probably not easy to do from a design point of view though, because I guess Vim sends ncurses-style display updates with a granularity of one text line.

@lthms Mm not really, with this plugin the elementary scrolling move is still one line high. I'm looking for something where it's one pixel high.

Emacs + evil? (This is not a troll, I'm really interested in what you would be missing in that case)

@brab Still no “smooth scrolling” in the sense that every move in the text is only ever a composition of one-line shifts.


@otini @lthms pixel-scroll-mode doesn't help? (I don't use it, so I don't know)

@brab @lthms Ohh Emacs actually has such a thing. Now I'm jealous.

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