(follow-up of previous toot’s image description) … if you stopped coding like a monkey.
Old man: They won’t catch flaws on aspects of your code beyond and below enraptured nerd’s ivory tower models!!!

@lthms I forwarded the meme to formal methods researchers, they love it

@val I did the same, and chances are high we print it and ping it somewhere in our office :D

@lthms Ah yes I am so going to print it and stick it next to the local formal methods lab's coffee machine.
(Which currently has a photo of a snake biting its tail titled "python tail recursion")

@otini you perform some masto-necromancy on this toot :D had a lot of favorites/retoot since you resurrected it

@lthms I didn't see it when you posted it, but I couldn't not boost it :D

@otini btw, how is your research going? Too soon to ask or good news ahead?

@lthms I'm, uh, not sure. I just formalized a static analysis that I have been using for long, but I'm not sure that it is interesting outside of my very specific use cases.

Also I was supposed to publish a while ago but the work was longer to finish than expected.

@lthms and it's actually still not quite finished.

@otini Don’t hesitate to share your results when you can, I am curious :3

Best of luck!

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