My first attempt in trying Liquid has been an epic failure.


@otini @pureevil I ended up having two problems.

First one was Liquid Haskell complaining about non terminating recursion, for “trivial” structural recursion (e.g. for a Tree datatype).

Second one was a strange bug with smtlib2. To be honest, I used the liquid haskell master so this might be a reason, I probably should have used a tag version.

@lthms I see. Annoying… did you end up temporarily leaving it aside?


@otini @pureevil yeah. I will probably come back to it eventually, since I am really interested in investing Liquid Haskell proof-related features. But I also have to have a look at F* so…

(so many things to investigate)

@lthms @otini @pureevil F* was a lot of fun to use when I looked at it last a couple years ago. A very fast moving thing where the meta-theory isn't pinned down, which is both exciting and scary. It might have calmed down since.

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