Je joue avec depuis hier et il s’agit d’un logicien vraiment très sympa.

Je recommande !

And here I am, reworking my blog yet another time.

I think I will try to keep the thing as simple as possible this time, and only keep my “main” write-ups (those that remains relevant a year later, basically)

Eh folks. What do you think of this greeny editor colorscheme?

colorless-themes is probably the most “profitable” open source project I have ever wrote. I can now derive a new theme in less than 20minuts *o*

Here is a clone of nofrils-dark I just wrote


The nice thing about my colorless-themes macro is that I can easily write a new theme when I get bored.

So I did just that recently, with a new colorless theme inspired by Lavender[1]


Another screenshot of my work in progress website 

Yay, it works. I can easily set a specific theme for each page if I want

Here is an example with the announcement of nordless being publish to melpa

I made a simple online mini-game in for days \o/ (reusing my framework).

Pretty happy about it. It is not sure it will serve its purpose (does not depends on me), but at the very last, it works and that is already awesome.

Playing around with my nordless-theme this morning. Learning helped :D.

I turned the theme declaration into a reusable macro, so I could easily derive other colorless theme.

I tried with, it works well.

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