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I almost never know if any developers of a game are racist, or sexist, or abusive, or trolls.

But when I do, man, it's tough not to let it colour my perception of the game.

"Creative Director [of Kingdom Come: Deliverance] has both publicly and forcefully supported GamerGate and made highly questionable statements about the game's "historical" accuracy regarding representing people of color. "

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Fifteen years ago, a Fallout fan community called "No Mutants Allowed" exemplified entitlement, gatekeeping, and loud enforcement of cultural norms -- just like gamers in general exemplify to the outside world.

After Fallout 3 came out, nobody ever talked about NMA again. Its individual members still enjoyed the Fallout series, but were absorbed into the larger community, and NMA lost its cultural power.

Here's my question: what software can we ship that will make everyone forget about gamers?

“Many people fear that the plan — backed by big players such as Bell, Rogers, and CBC — could lead to rampant internet censorship.”

Tremendously obvious to everyone but 🇺🇸. Show more

FWIW, Dandara is a few bucks cheaper on the Xbox and PlayStation stores than it is on Steam.

"Dandara offers a fresh new way to play a very familiar format, with deft design and strong puzzling wit."

This Valentine's, why not get together with your partner and delete your Facebook accounts?

"Kingdom Come is an RPG without the dungeons or dragons. There are no goblins, enchanted swords, or mages. You’ll never cast a spell, slay a vampire, or fulfil an ancient prophecy. And there’s something refreshing about how it trades these familiar fantasy tropes for something more understated and realistic." 😀

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Kotaku interviewed a dozen women who worked at Atari in the early 70s. Fascinating stuff.

TBH, I’ve dreamt of having a game like this, but set in the fractious Spanish occupation of the Potosí silver mining area.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance looks to be a big, complicated role-playing game in a setting just to the side of what is typical for that genre. It's also very system-driven and reacts to the player's actions so that it "often feels like an immersive sim masquerading as an RPG."

Anyone else having trouble with Two-Factor Auth on How can I check the server time?

Been finding the challenge of The Surge just right for lunchtime play.

DropBox is pushy and needy and I've deleted an account for the third and final time.

Please, do not use DropBox.

Darkest Dungeon is ~ 2Gb
Invisible, Inc. is ~ 1Gb
Legend of Grimrock is ~ 600Mb
Opus Magnum is ~ 400Mb

"This is when I started to realize that the Olympics are designed for people who want to care about something without considering why. In order to enjoy the Olympics, you can't think critically about anything; you just have to root for America (or whatever country)."