"meetings should have a button you can secretly press and if everyone presses the button the meeting suddenly ends"

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"At the moment, art is an excuse, or a pretext maybe, to roll out… cryptoinfrastructure… And the slogan is this magic spell of the N.F.T. [which] means: I own you, and somehow, by magic cryptoincantations, I will enter it on the blockchain.

"But because it sounds complicated or high-tech, it draws so much attention, right? It’s just basically a mechanism of disinformation."


a lot of people torture themselves simply by believing in original ideas

"Despite working longer hours, the employees had less focus time than before the pandemic. Instead, all their extra time was taken up by meetings."


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TIL "gung ho" has gone through the same sort of Orientalizing filter as so many ill-considered tattoos:

"I told them of the motto of the Chinese Cooperatives, Gung Ho. It means Work Together — Work in Harmony…"

"In Chinese, concludes Moe, 'this is neither a slogan nor a battle cry; it is only a name for an organization, [the acronym for Chinese Industrial Cooperatives]'"


"By skirting […] labor laws, a host of companies can misclassify their workers as independent contractors, exempt them from basic rights or social welfare programs, and then pay them less than minimum wage in many cases.

"None of this is really new and it’s certainly not an 'economy.'"


and you shall know me by the trail of unfinished projects

Catholic Church, genocide, apologies 

"[That the Catholic Church considers itself] sinless by definition is a problematic abstraction, unmoored from history and experience. Statements premised on this assumption will not speak to the church’s deep complicity in a destructive system.

"Indeed, unless the church openly and specifically acknowledges its own culpability, why would anyone believe that the church itself may be an active agent in reconciliation?"


"If anything, the past year has proved that lots of work can be done from anywhere, sans lengthy commutes on crowded trains or highways.

"Some people have moved. Others have lingering worries about the virus and vaccine-hesitant colleagues…

"There’s also the notion that some bosses, particularly those of a generation less familiar to remote work, are eager to regain tight control of their minions."


Need a browser extension that'll automatically reject all cookies—and reject all nags about cookies.

Damn websites.

@gangles, looks up your alley: "Synthetic Messenger is a botnet that artificially inflates the value of climate news."


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