I like it when @BennettTomlin@twitter.com says the things I'm thinking, but better. Here he's giving his thoughts on why some people get involved with crypto schemes, and where the blame ought to be laid.

(from @techwontsaveus@twitter.com with @parismarx@twitter.com)

this whole world, our entire social order, has been deliberately sculpted over the course of centuries to favor the rich. were you to start life with an unfathomable cache of resources, every mechanism is in place for you to accumulate even more. and Elon Musk is so fucking stupid, so pathetically incompetent that he cannot manage to just sit still and be the richest man on planet earth

🇨🇦 ACAB 

> Last year, video footage provided to the media showed RCMP tactical officers breaking down a door with an axe and chainsaw to arrest pipeline opponents at Coyote Camp during another protest on the territory. ... Green contrasted those incidents with reports that Alberta RCMP officers shook hands with and hugged some of the protesters who had halted traffic at the United States border crossing near Coutts, Alta., to demonstrate against pandemic health mandates.


ebooks lack the rich physical feedback of traditional books: they will never collect in piles big enough to topple and crush me, and stop me from buying more books.

“They both save lives. They both support human dignity. They’re both deeply bound up with the right to autonomy privacy, no matter what a hard-right Supreme Court says. […] And finally, both encryption and abortion keep being framed as something ‘controversial’ rather than something that you and I have every damn right to—something that should be ubiquitously available without encumbrance.” techdirt.com/2022/05/16/the-en

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you'll still be giving him fish every day because "it's confusing" or "it's too hard" or "they were never supposed to be fishing" or "they really need this fish today" or "they were told they could contact you any time they need fish".

2022: best gas station sandwiches

2032: top 5 neighbourhoods to dumpster-dive after dark

2042: where to find the juicy rats

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