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Radiator Yang has started another of his excellent series of level design critiques on the first Thief game.

"Trying to read any of the [small] text in [God of War] has forced me to get up and stand next to the screen."

"I never misattribute. I either don't care or it doesn't matter."

"I never lose. I either win or I learn."

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Mr Friendly, my absurd cozy "talk to the monsters" Doom mod, is now in a playable alpha state. Check it out!

"Far Cry 5 has named all the medicinal skill boosters "homeopathics"… What bugs me is the "normalization" of the term - it's another example of homeopathy being pushed into mass culture and portrayed as effective, even if it is in a videogame where you single-handedly defeat 1,000s of bad guys"

“Involving homeopathy, Health Canada is stuck: either it affirms the alleged effectiveness of these products despite the total lack of scientific evidence, or it concedes that it has been green-lighting silly water as a health product in its role as a government regulator.”

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Russia trying to shut down Telegram blocked AWS and Google IPs, effectively blocking russians from half the hosted internet.

Please, tell me again why centralized mega services are good for the internet.

Gmail, AWS, Cloudflare, Github, Twitter, Facebook.

Any one of those services gets fucked with and there are massive problems. This is a massive problem.

The GDC talk History Shaping Design: Inequality and Player Behavior seems in ways like a synopsis of Kahneman's Thinking, Fast & Slow.

But it emphasizes studies on inequality and cognitive biases, particularly how players who're rich/poor in a game see themselves and others.

Boss Up is a good talk, with lots of insight and things that can be applied broadly and easily.

I do wish I could find more on this "Delta of Chance" phenomenon, but there's no citation and all I can find are links back to this talk.

Though I wonder what is gained by talking of dopamine in the section on the Delta of Chance. Seems like unnecessary neuro-essentialism that doesn't further the speaker's point nor the audience's understanding of the material.

Excellent talk on boss battles that goes into many common uses, styles, & structures. Worthwhile; well-prepared & delivered.

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Pro tip for all NPCs: if you reply the same thing twice to a player, they will leave you alone.

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