Today the US Army tweeted a Memorial Day-themed question, and it's backfired on them horrifically.

There are thousands of replies from people detailing how joining the military completely ruined the lives of them and their loved ones.


"They used courtesy to ignore my emails. They used CC to deflect my questions. They used spam to dismiss anything I asked. I spent my days like an archaeologist digging through the deep trenches of emails, hoping to find answers to my questions…

"You can imagine the level of impostor syndrome I felt every time I remembered that my only task was to build a single static HTML page."

Meanwhile, Zynga's like "we've kind of unleashed our teams with regards to figuring out large growth initiatives for the company and we're starting to see those results come in."

"These are very resourceful people, and I’m sure they can design games that don’t rely on gambling directed at children in the center of the game."

Uh. Sure.

"The dark side of [randomization] can be a game that keeps the player playing even when the novel experiences have run dry… it can be a facade over an endless grind…

"By the time your game stops having something new to show the player, it should make a graceful exit rather than try to compel the player to stick around."

Glen C. Oliver describes differences between Star Trek series in a disgusting, sexist, bad-Hollywood way. Show more

Interesting how limitations of playtests & demos—participant pools, methods, individual/group, etc.—made for a successful interface per se, but did not speak to whether it'd received well by existing players (though neither did the "listen to the community" methods, which exaggerated negative aspects).

[Behind GDC paywall, unfortunately.]

"We're approaching the end of these kinds of [open-world] video game, or at least something, I feel, needs to change…

"I've never played Rage 2 but I've seen that this this is all so familiar to me… I feel like no one's taking big risks."

It's understandable but maybe it's still sad from a nostalgic sense. Nethack will stop supporting retrocomputing platforms going forward.

lol, coal power kills more people every month from respiratory and cardiac problems than every nuclear power accident in history combined, even if you multiply the IAEA’s estimate of chernobyl-related deaths by 10

"Despite its developers’ reticence to talk about it at this stage, Breakpoint does seem like a work that’s trying to remove itself from a political minefield…

"It is, however, quite far from apolitical. It’s still a work of hardcore military fiction, a jingoist fantasy that fetishizes guns and spec ops training that filters the world into threats and the threatened."

Wired has been making the CIA seem friendly and fun lately. Why?

Me: Check out this thing I wrote

All: ...

Me: Check out this thing I... that I generated with a neural network

All: HA omg

mastodon is great but i sure do miss relevant targeted ads and interacting with my favourite brands

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