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There are a lot of reasons why one should not ask "would you buy it?" to a playtest participant.

"We asked them to evaluate only what they see, and if they would buy it."

😞 Nnnooooo!

Also, reflecting on how fortunate I feel to have grown up learning games on open, cheap (or easily pirated), wild-west periods/platforms—C64, DOS PC with freenet, DOOM/Quake/Unreal Tournament modding scenes—rather than during more closed, mature, sequel-heavy periods—Atari, SNES, PlayStation.

Thinking on Raph's talk on video game industry cycles, and his slide on how player expectations of games are affected by periods of greater change or consolidation particularly.

("Blue ocean" biz jargon notwithstanding.)

"The enduring political victory of the CIA was to convince intellectuals that serious and sustained political engagement on the left is incompatible with serious art and scholarship."

"The CIA invented 'show don't tell' to keep writers from becoming communists."

Odd to hear, in this latest episode of Designer Notes, Manveer Heir talk of how good the work conditions and design process is at BioWare Montréal, now, months later, after Mass Effect Andromeda’s release and the studio has been shut down…

I loathe additional keyboard/languages in Windows—especially when they are installed or swapped invisibly, without my explicit consent or action.

The sense of control and predictability is really eroded when, say, I'm trying to enter a ? and it comes out an É.

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“Rogers employees say managers turn a blind eye so call centre workers can lie and cheat customers.” This comes as surprise to no one but Rogers PR dept.

"You might as well ask a horse to fix a merry-go-round. I mean, he'll try his best, but mostly, he's just gonna get horrified."

“The alert was transmitted mistakenly by state authorities due to human error.” Ah, that ol’ human error.

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Incredibly useful article on BBC News today

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One reason the Kodak #KashMiner is so ~*aesthetic*~ is because it really, really feels like a 2018 prop built in 1981. The Kodak brand is PERFECT for that. It's better than the PanAm logos all over 2001: A Space Odyssey.