I don't like it when games sell "time savers" (XP boosts, Skill Points, etc.), but am more or less okay with "time wasters" (expansions, additional quests, tourism modes).

Not that I'd forgotten, but it's nice to be reminded of how well Dishonored 2 plays and looks.

Man, wish I had been keeping up with Maciej Cegłowski. His posts on the Hong Kong protests are fascinating.


"That's Alex Jacobson, the voice in your head […] Actually, that's my nephew. And Walton Simons, who's one of the big bad guys, is a really good friend of mine.

"So, I made some of my friends and relatives registered trademarks of Eidos. They were really happy about that."


I just want to play games like I did when I was seventeen.

last of us ii developer: I need to write some generic awareness meter thing to control animation... maybe I'll call it a "heartbeat"
last of us ii marketing: holy. fucking. shit.

DOOM is merely a continuation in a long western tradition of artistic depictions of hell, but with a distinctly American twist. in Dantes inferno Dante goes to hell to learn about it. in DOOM you go to hell to kick its ass. in this essay i will

"By inducing players to build the very core of their identities around the games they play, the systems they play them on, and the brands they engage with, the industry creates an ideal breeding ground for conflict against anyone who would threaten that identity, whether it be fans and creators of competing products, game reviewers, mainstream media pundits, parents, politicians, or even the developers behind the brands."

"But as we consider how best to deal with the toxic behavior festering in [the video game] space today, we should be able to recognize that the industry has done itself no favors in the way it has historically cultivated gaming fandom."

“[W]hat’s worth more, the contributions of a lone male genius who assaults and harasses and discriminates against women, or the contributions of a large scientific community unhindered by a misogynistic and unsafe environment?”


New box art for the Final Fantasy VII remake looks amazing.

"If it’s impossible to eliminate the negative impact of the work, it’s your job to stop it from seeing the light of day.

"In other words, you’re not hired to just dig a ditch, but to evaluate the economic, sociological, and ecological impact of that ditch. If the ditch fails those tests, it’s your job to destroy the shovels."


Just your friendly neighborhood librarian reminder that Little Free Libraries is a group that does stuff like partner with cops and is often a part of gentrifying neighborhoods. You can read a really 🔥 overview of some of the major issues here journal.radicallibrarianship.o

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