"Game makers have not abandoned these toxic masculine fantasies, but have just become much more adept at walking this line between satire and indulgence, catering to audiences that essentially still want Duke Nukem but wrapping them in the plausible deniability of a much more sophisticated self-awareness."


So much of New Mario Bros. U seems made to frustrate rather than encourage; in contrast with Mario 3D World especially.

Feelings of productivity-related guilt, shame, and exhaustion originate from the idea that people who do more are worth more. This conflation of hard work and moral worth is used as justification for exploitative labor practices and to stigmatize people who receive public assistance.


“Nobody who’s successful starts with metrics,” says Seamus Blackley.

How likely are you to recommend Net Promoter Scores to your friends or family?

we very easily accept that surveillance is the price to be paid for using technology, and that’s messed up

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"It's perfect, it's passion, its setting me free
From all of my sadness
The tears that I've cried, I have spent all my life "


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