"To safeguard the healthy activity of non-adults, we will make ID verification the standard across our entire line of games," says largest game company in China, owner of League of Legends & Fortnite.

@lucasrizoli Well I know which companies games I'll never be playing. No way in hell are they getting a copy of my ID. That's just a hack away from ID theft.

@Routhinator, I mean, sure. That's your call. Blizzard already does something similar—it's just not mandatory. And you're giving out credit cards quite often too, neh? That's a risk as well.

@Routhinator, I just feel like there are fewer and fewer things I do that are not mediated by technology that asks me to "show your papers" all the time.

@lucasrizoli I use PayPal as an intermediary for my CC info, not perfect but limits who has access to the data and allows me to cut them off from my PayPal settings. I'm pretty choosy about who gets my data.

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