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Though I wonder what is gained by talking of dopamine in the section on the Delta of Chance. Seems like unnecessary neuro-essentialism that doesn't further the speaker's point nor the audience's understanding of the material.

Must be harder to get away with ripping assets from other sources nowadays, what with YouTube and etc., eh?

"Narrative Aspects in games are mostly criticized and placed against high standards in reviews. Reviewers often feel that the advancement of Narrative quality has been lagging behind that of other key game Aspects such as Gameplay, Social, and Graphics…

"The game’s plot is also crucial to review score; Narrative progression holds a strong weight across all titles that include a story mode…"

"Designed, developed and published by a multicultural team from a wide range of ethnic philosophical and religious backgrounds" that all think these guns are baaadaassss!

"You see a mellow goblin named Drog."

Got Janice Polito (from System Shock 2) vibes from Dr. Chavez in The Surge. Not just me, right? Something about the voice, her tone and candour…