UPlay knows that when I start it up, I'm frustrated.

Laser Rapier, Dragon's Tooth…Psychostatic Cutter

Reminded of Snake Pass, a well-made, modern—pretty, 3-D, analog, physics-sim—take on ur–collect-a-thon Snake

It's struck me only recently that "Liberty Island" is an apt name for the level that supports & encourages a wide variety of playstyles—Deus Ex's raison d'être.

Provincial pamphlet on age ratings also seems to put a lot of responsibility on parents—you know, the big giant hand saying “No!” To the kid sitting down with popcorn.

It’s “your choice.”

💡 Try "Use my display's current settings" in your game's graphics options.

The logo splashes in the Enhanced Edition of System Shock must've come from the Mac version, because they're unfamiliar to me.

More than three hours until I can play the new Underworld?
😞 ⏳

Seems like they failed to add proper subtitles to some of the audiologs in Fallout 76? 😞

Keep in mind, Mefford's First Law of Game Development.

Windows refuses to let me operate without English (United States), keeps reinstalling it and secretly switching to it when I'm not paying attention. 😫

"We're through the Looking Glass here, people." Show more

"To safeguard the healthy activity of non-adults, we will make ID verification the standard across our entire line of games," says largest game company in China, owner of League of Legends & Fortnite.


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