"The king ordered the guards to go easy on the vigilance at night, allowing baited locals to steal the [potatoes] for their own gardens."


Tim Rogers has a message for video game UI designers who implement the "red mist" HUD state when you're at low health:

Isn't it cool that GOG Galaxy can combine your Steam, PSN, and GOG libraries in one place? It's just so convenient to see all the games I own in one…

Brands doing next to nothing—but wanting credit for doing something 

We at [Brand] are committed to fighting injustice… To that end, we offer this… that expresses vague solidarity with the Black community, but will quietly elide the specifics of what is wrong, what needs to change, or in what ways we will do anything about it…

Not at all keen on requiring me to enter/create a Bethesda account. Feels really bad, esp. before I see any of the game proper.

Outlook, I need more than 10 seconds to decide whether or not I need to edit an email. 30s? 60s?

MGS V had a 3-or-4–item top-down log, with items being typed in slowly and with good audio cueing.

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