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Hell yeah, VOODOO Memory Management!

"The general message is that text will normally expand [when translated from English to another language], but note carefully how the smaller the source message, the higher the likely translation length."

I guess you've asked politely, but no thanks. No thanks.

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GOG syncs saves for a bunch of older games, like Thief, Jedi Knight, Deus Ex, and Syndicate.

TIL about the Delete & re-draft function on Mastodon. Appreciated.

Tiny Bubbles asks whether its colours are easy to distinguish, after a puzzle or two of play.

So many games force the player to adjust gamma and other settings right at the start; funny that checking something as important as colour is unusual.

I like the idea of "The Three Reads"—designing to get & guide attention via progressive levels of detail—in order to create games that are legible in a single screenshot or when watched over someone's shoulder.

"Trying to read any of the [small] text in [God of War] has forced me to get up and stand next to the screen."

Though I wonder what is gained by talking of dopamine in the section on the Delta of Chance. Seems like unnecessary neuro-essentialism that doesn't further the speaker's point nor the audience's understanding of the material.

Must be harder to get away with ripping assets from other sources nowadays, what with YouTube and etc., eh?