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I'm all for games having characters who are > 30 years of age, like in Homefront: The Revolution.

The Bureau plays somewhat like combat in Mass Effect 2—but to me, its setting is what makes it compelling: the early–Cold-War DARPA labs packed with Vannevar-Bush-alikes, computers with vaccuum tubes, frowning about scary unknowns through browline hornrims and cigarette smoke… Man!

Wouldn't it be nice if achievement icons…
• that are un/locked were easy to tell apart,
• could be distinguished by something more than just colour,
• were something other than guns and skulls?

Please, use clear, readable, contrasting, mixed-case for your in-game text; consider limiting it to no more than 4–5 lines of < 40 characters.

It's more difficult to read text that is in all- or small-caps than in mixed case, particularly when it's dense, and moreso when it is on a noisy, low-contrast backing.

(Example: Dragon Age Inquisition loading screen.)