@mhoye, take as many of these eleven pills I give you as you feel appropriate, but it'll only work if you take nine or ten of them.

How likely are you to recommend Net Promoter Scores to your friends or family?

we very easily accept that surveillance is the price to be paid for using technology, and that’s messed up

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"It's perfect, it's passion, its setting me free
From all of my sadness
The tears that I've cried, I have spent all my life "


"To become more than a sergeant? I don't consider it. I am a good sergeant; I might easily make a bad captain, and certainly an even worse general. One knows from experience." — from Minna von Barnhelm, by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Different strokes for different folx.

So, like, let's get some more different strokes goin'.

“2000 me: Wow you still work on the web, that’s amazing. It must be so easy to publish really interesting web pages.

2020 me: Uhhhhh. [Very long pause.] Look, you can pay a low monthly fee and listen to any album anyone ever made.

’00: That must create some amazing opportunities for musicians!

’20: Well.”


The wildflower honey from Rosewood in Niagara is remarkably good, smooth. So pleasant to have a little with breakfast these past few days.


"A little story about the backyard critters you might see in Tasmania, and the things they might be doing."


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