I remember being excited about Gmail in 2005 but at this point I am convinced that the "web app" is a net negative for the human condition. It shouldn't take a gig of ram to read email, and it shouldn't take twenty seconds to load and render a thousand word article.

UPlay knows that when I start it up, I'm frustrated.

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"Overdiagnosis and industry influence: how cow’s milk protein allergy is extending the reach of infant formula manufacturers" Show more

"That Fallout 76 ignores a nuclear winter is kind of a big deal: it's a well known widely understood consequence of nuclear war.

"To portray that consequence though would be to put creative emphasis on the cycles of predatory consumption that define pre-war American Fallout as a terminal disease, one that killed the host eventually.

"Instead, West Virginia is changed, but in many ways spared."


“Most people have more phone than they can handle, or need…

“It’s similar to what you saw in the PC market for while — people had really powerful PCs but they barely used it for anything.”


Not sure if anyone was really defending Activision Blizzard for leaving subtitles out of the Spyro remastered games, but this is some extremely basic stuff other developers have been doing for literally a decade.

I watched some of that Half-Life doco and none of it seems worthwhile except Robert and Laura. Feeling strongly but vaguely that Half-Life was revolutionary is the most boring vibe ever. Might as well read the back of the GOTY box

I get that HEIF and WebP are perhaps more efficient… but man are they ever a pain in the ass to deal with, especially when you’re not running the latest and patent-encumbered software.

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Audiobook of Cthulhu in the Deep South, free (as in beer) Show more

Happy TWENTY FIFTH Birthday to the shareware version of DOOM! (Suggested retail price $9.00)

So, like, what's happening with Griftlands?

Esp. curious now that Outer Worlds has been announced; seem like there's quite a bit of overlap between them…

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