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Joseph Humfrey has shared his excellent presentation about Designing Text UX for Effortless Reading on YouTube—free, outside of the confines of the GDC Vault.

Honestly, I am a little soured on Dishonored 2 just because I cannot seem to get it to run smoothly at any framerate.

Never much fun to be looking up how-to guides on getting games to run well. I really really don’t want to spend what little time I have to play on configuration and benchmarking and etc.

@jplebreton, yes.

Unfortunately, the compass does get cluttered; also often fails to communicate stuff around the player, outside of the frustum, clearly.

So many recent big-budget games seem to have worked to move minimaps, radars, and waypoints into compasses.

@mogwai_poet, you mentioned listening to a podcast in which Raphaël Colantonio talked about Prey (2016) as a "space dungeon."

What podcast was that? I'm curious to listen to it.

"If I’m going to enjoy the absurd capitalist soma of video games, the last thing I want to do is feel like I’m being badgered by a superior at a dead-end job."

"While I appreciate the effort [Ubisoft] put into [Starlink's] accessibility options, they forgot that this was a kid’s game and that what’s industry standard isn’t standard for kids, making for a difficult or even unwelcoming experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing kids."

"The evidence suggesting that mental illness is conducive to creativity is incredibly slight."

Money que é good nóis num have.
Se nóis hevasse,
Nóis num tava aqui playando,
Mas nóis precisa de worká.

Two iPhones with 512GB storage each have more total storage than all Commodore 64’s ever made (about 15 million) combined.

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Ok, that's an oversimplification obviously, but it's alarming how many people talk about a player fantasy involving murder on an incredible scale and think it's super cool.

One man's garbage is another man's well-paced JRPG.

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