Estimate of crop yield decline (or gain) from climate change in 2040-60 (that's just 18 years away).

The American South is utterly and completely fucked. (Moderate Emissions will only make it a little bit less completely fucked.)


Should I leave Arkansas, or America? I don't think people who left Germany in 1932 regretted it.

Austin Powers and Handmaiden’s Tale exist in the same fictional universe.

it's so weird that all my friends are getting covid now that mask restrictions are being dropped, anyway back at it again licking everything.

Happy genocide day!

Sorry, I meant imperialism day.

Sorry, I meant white settler colonialism day.

Sorry, I meant actively collapsing late stage capitalism day.

Sorry, I meant .

i have Feelings about how recipes aren't copyrightable because theyre "a series of steps" but computer programs are (a piece of software is literally a set of instructions to the processor)

i am pretty sure the reason is just sexism

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“Time for GAME STUDIES STUDY BUDDIES to officially begin the SUMMER OF CLASSICS!

“This month Cameron Kunzelman and Michael Lutz dig into the first sustained academic study of tabletop roleplaying, sociologist Gary Alan Fine's SHARED FANTASY”

internet: but don't worry, you would have to eat 80 apple seeds to get a dangerous dose of cyanide!

me: *nervous laughter as i web search "HOW MUCH SEED IN 10 APPLE"*

“We lived, as usual, by ignoring. Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it.”

lets one million people die to avoid recession

recession happens anyway

The media often says “in a blow to environmentalists” as if we’re the only ones who live on Planet Earth.

"Lockdowns had little impact on the average duration of playtime per game per gamer. Notably, restrictions on social gatherings did not even manage to explain a small amount of variance […] in either the number of players or the amount of time that gamers spent in-game."

As nouns, "cause" and "effect" are antonyms. As verbs, they're synonyms.

Stepan Bandera’s grandson, Stephen, is a news producer in Canada covering Ukraine who has helped produce more then 30 documentaries for CTV news

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