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Brian Moriarty himself recommends that you buy the VGA CD-ROM re-make of LOOM—but skip it in favour of playing the EGA version.

Story of cruel slander on the internet thanks to Facebook comments on clickbait news articles 

Startup creeps aren't accidentally reinventing libraries and buses. They're very deliberately inventing libraries and buses that poor people aren't allowed to use.

"I feel both sorry for and impressed by the designers of this game the hubs they made for this one city were big complicated and lively enough to fit in some of the best level designs out of the whole franchise…

"But I'd hate for that to get forgotten if the game instead gains a reputation for having some of the worst narrative design of the whole franchise "

It's a shame Deus Ex: Mankind Divided made lamentable choices with its setting and larger story, because there's a lot to admire and emulate in what it does with its level & quest design.

"San Andreas Deer Cam is a live video stream from a computer running a hacked modded version of Grand Theft Auto V…

"The mod creates a deer and follows it as it wanders throughout the 100 square miles of San Andreas."

Toronto Public Library doesn’t play with Kindle… 

Toronto Public Library doesn’t play with Kindle… 

In Tim Horton’s, one of the prints along the counters is a stock photo of coffee beans—in Japan?

Bought a Kindle; am feeling both excited to read on it and like part of a problem.

"Brands don’t have the capacity for ideology beyond capitalism…"

"The marketing arms of these corporations have sensed changing cultural values among their customers and taken that opportunity to adopt the aesthetic of good politics, and they’ve asked shoppers to choose them based on how well they pantomime the real activities that might make a difference. They skip the part where any difference is actually made."

"There is no such thing as repetition. Only insistence."

"There is no such thing as repetition. Only insistence."

"There is no such thing as repetition. Only insistence."

Mark Brown's posted what appears to be the first in a series of videos about designing games to be accessible.

This first episode discusses subtitling, captioning, and legibility. Great to see more people talking about these features and how to make them work well—for all players

When working on a video game, or novel, or whatever, instead of including obscenity, beastiality, or gore, perhaps we'd be better off thinking about why we think it's necessary, if that inclusion is making the game better truly. What we might include instead?

Doing so, we're likely to come up with a creative work that's more considered, of higher quality, whether the aspect is kept or replaced by something else, something that is potentially more interesting and memorable.

"We argued about… how our vision [for Maniac Mansion] was being destroyed by censorship: if we couldn't say 'shit' then this whole game wasn't worth making anymore…

"We thought about it a lot, and really couldn't come up with a good reason [to include 'shit']. In retrospect, it really was kinda silly, and pointless, and juvenile."

"No one really talks about this technology… having a brand new technology doesn't necessarily sell your game anymore, because there are so many good games, there's such good technology, and everyone has brilliant programmers."

"It will be an irrevocable part of political life that guns are downloadable, and we helped to do that."

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