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Ora bolas, não me amole,
Com esse papo de emprego.
Não está vendo, não estou nessa.
O que eu quero?
Sossego, eu quero sossego!

"You know what? Forget to like and subscribe."

"Despite the evidence… homogenous teams just feel more effective. In addition, people believe that diverse teams breed greater conflict than they actually do…

"In fact, working on diverse teams produces better outcomes precisely because it’s harder."

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owns how lock-in and up-front hardware cost make the dominant strategy for a platform holder "if you get market power, cash it in like there's no tomorrow because nobody will make you pay for it until next generation"

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Something that worries me about people using Google to find things, and Twitter/Facebook to communicate, and Amazon to find reading material, is that recommendation algorithms and networks as a side effect tend to be doing something like clustering.. but over a time-series that they affect. That is, by showing you stuff that maximises clickthrough, engagement, or purchase, they're actively removing the lesser facets that make you a diamond, and turning you into an easily-modelled mirror instead.

A game needs an investment and on-going effort from a player; what it is is shaped by the quantity and quality of that in ways that our understanding of media from TV and film—one that sees a comparable measure of quality in a count of its consumers to date, one that presumes they've all consumed the same thing, wholly in about two hours—can distract & mislead us.

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Tired: why do so many players skip cutscenes?

Wired: why are cutscenes the only aspect players can skip?

Fired: shipped the "skip in-game store" function

"A series of errors and mistakes though is not to be confused with a series of obstacles."

the 90s dream of haptic feedback: extending a virtual world into the physical plane via the sense of touch
the reality of haptic feedback: glass slab kinda buzzes when you check a checkbox

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Tired: “The data says…”

Wired: “Our analysis suggests…”

Fired: “Doesn’t this violate our privacy policy?”

“The combination of aspirational blogging, female-targeted marketing and the alternative health industry has created something [e.g. Goop] with significant potential to cause harm.”

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