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the most impressive number in this article is that the energy consumption of a single bitcoin transaction is equivalent to leaving an electric oven on for three days straight
RT Bitcoin: the 39th largest country by energy consumption, beating out Austria and Chile


Google is hosting a global contest to develop AI that’s beneficial for humanity.

Initial Thoughts: When you have to make the contest *that overt* it kinda sheds light on what the fuck existing AI is about.

"How are the drinks here?"
"Great—if you like rat piss."
"Never tried it."

se o brasileiro fosse dinossauro ele votaria no meteoro

Nodding along with Meadows’ Thinking in Systems: A Primer with a vigor not just of agreement, but also the enthusiasm of a headbanger.

I recognize and appreciate her descriptions and insight so strongly that I sing along as I read.

"'Ego-Shooter' is just the German translation for 'First-Person Shooter.'"

How apt.

I like that subtitles in AC Odyssey include emphasis—italics, in this case—rather than obnoxious caps or other symbols as markup.

Solutions do not need to be big, fast, or exciting. Boring things can be effective things.

"What if #Canada had spent $200bn on wind energy instead of #oil?"

"Since 1999, more than $200bn has been invested into the #Alberta oil sands for that future. But what if that cash had gone into wind energy instead?"

#environment #climatechange #tarsands #Cdnpoli

Of course, this sense is in part due to a sort of myopic view of games.

So many big-budget video games are losing—disinterested in nurturing—any sort of mechanical identity.

So many tools and services asking for passwords or authentication, every day—every time I want to use something digital.

It's like I'm not ever welcome: every app demanding "show me your papers."

I see “Office 365” as less a consequence of the “changed nature of work in our time,” and more of “the warped and further extraction of labour in our time.”

"Office 365" is a terrible name. No weekends. No escape. It's Office, every day, all year 'round.

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