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“Disco Elysium is a game where every edge case has been thought through to the best of the dev’s ability. Again, everything matters, even the hair that stands up on the back of your neck and the feeling that you get when you look into the hanged man’s eyes.”

So happened in the past few years that has people so eager to tell others they like or respect Dolly Parton?

Mandalore's comments make me want to try DUSK out once again.

"Hey, wait a second: this is like Arx [Fatalis]… Rather than classic twitch shooters, DUSK reminded me of immersive sims a lot more."

Interface changes to an on-going platform, Steam 

"People will tell me again to not mix politics with software/business…

"The problem is, if we don’t deal with politics, politics will deal with us. We can choose to not act when people are being oppressed, but when it’s our turn to be oppressed, it will be too late and there will be no one for us."

"This game is really good. Again, it's not 'new' it just returns to a time when RPGs were actual video games and not MTX storefronts"

How low can the bar go?

Gender-reveal parties are not just stupid—they’re deadly 

btw if you're really leaning into in-engine title cards in your big-budget video game, you honestly owe your non-english audiences actual localized title cards and not just subtitles

Pay-to-win doesn’t belong in games nor in real life.

“Good leaders should aspire to have their fingerprints all over hard decisions.” – Mike Monteiro

“The True Face of the Catholic Church” – Soviet poster showing a skeletal spider-pope overseeing the burning of books by Marx, Lenin and Darwin (as well as burnings and hangings) 

"The worst thing about playing video games in 2019 is the money-grubbing bullshit."


online harassment 

Suspect that New Vegas has been made available on the Xbox Game Pass this month to counter The Outer Worlds specifically.

I have played an hour of Disco Elysium and, yes, it’s a wordy-as-fug CRPG where your party are almost all parts of your psyche.

A lot of writing about design and UX serves as feel-good take-downs or platitudes for people who work in the field—but have little to no impact on their work or on people outside of UX. Preaching to the choir.

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