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"We're comfortable with frustrating the player—just so long as we have something to teach [them]."

The way Hugo Martin is speaking about their approaches to designing DOOM Eternal makes it seem like he's absorbed a lot of the things I've talked about in my capacity as a games user researcher.

US-only giveaways that never tell you they're US-only

"They wanted to develop a bespoke font family to […] create a ‘benchmark’ in terms of typeface design and legibility."

"ain't it funny how corporate executives are easily the first thing that can be replaced with a computer program made out of machine learning and dice rolls, but they'll be the last" –

Brazilian politics 

Interesting to hear how the developers of Transistor struggled to avoid/overcome a sophomore slump.

Brazil’s fascist president 

“They determined that in nine out of 10 cases, a bystander intervened to stop a public attack, and the rate of intervention was consistent across cultures.

“The results offer a strong counterpoint to the ‘bystander effect,’ which arose from research spurred by the Genovese case.”

'I hear people talking about “female gamers” or “core gamers” a lot, but seldom do they realize that these categories don’t technically exist, at least not in any practical way.'

That said, Hue–Chroma—Lightness is far from the RBG/Hex or even HSV standards you find in the Adobe suite and etc. Not easy to convert those values to iWantHue.

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While there are many ways to filter an image to try to approximate the extent to which colours are distinguishable under certain kinds of colour vision deficiency, there are fewer tools for picking "good" colours to begin with. iWantHue seems to be one of them.

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Really appreciate the iWantHue HCL-based colour picker that tries to maximize the perceptual difference between colours.

“The dose alone makes the poison.” – Paracelsus

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