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Illustrative, amusing, and anonymous anecdotes just seem to collect around HR trainers and comedians, huh?

Idea: A remake of Robocop in which the other cops don't trust him because the prime directives -- serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law -- mean he doesn't act like a cop at all

They'd be all "Hey we have to clean out this tent village" and he'd be "No, that is counter to the prime directives" and eventually it would escalate to gunfire and he'd be a wanted fugitive

A new version of Keen Dreams, "Commander Keen in Keen Dreams: Definitive Edition" was released for Nintendo Swtich yesterday, and as usual I'd like to remind you not to buy it since part of the profits benefit the current owner of the ip Javier Chavez who is a nazi.

I collected together Doomworld's Top 100 Most Memorable Maps and started playing through the list, from #100:
This is a bit of an undertaking, and I've played somewhere between 10-25% of them already, but it'll be good for filling in a lot of gaps in my knowledge, and food for my level design brain of course.

I recently finished my first playthrough of Terra Nil, a "city builder" where instead of constructing permanent infrastructure, you are a transient custodian, restoring life to a toxic, barren world

Deus Ex is wish fulfilment fiction.

"Because you get to be a secret agent with cool powers?"

No. It's because Tracer Tong, a man who has worked in tech his entire life, gets a chance to destroy the fucking internet

"We’re trying really hard to make an awesome and innovative game with Bulletstorm. There’s no shooter out there like it and I want to discuss the process of one of our most ground breaking features:

"Exploding Red Barrels."

COVID-19, school re-openings (-) 

“We’re blindly barreling toward reopening even though we know teachers and students will die. We’re going to treat COVID the same way we treat school shootings. An unfortunate but unavoidable cost to doing business.”

If you have played Prey, you may find it interesting to step through that game's incredible intro level in this 20m NoClip doc:

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Harassment, Ubisoft 

“Harassment is the symptom of an unhealthy workplace culture, which includes its values, beliefs, interactions and what guides the company, internally and externally.

“Firing those in charge can give a sense that important changes are happening, but it’s not a cure-all solution to such a complex issue.”

Don't forget, if you want to eat bugs while wearing a hat, try the Hop's Iconic Cap DLC, only $7.99 with the launch discount!

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Talked my wife’s ear off about Alien Isolation this evening. Fingers crossed we’re still married tomorrow.

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"As you search through Sevastopol Station you find the dismal history of the R&D department whose lot in life was to try and salvage this failed product with minimal investment…

"The people working on the program at Sevastopol can see the problem, but are helpless to do anything to solve it (and anyone who is too noisy about pointing out the root causes gets punished)."

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