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“Between the energy required to power those servers and to deliver the content to your screen, cloud gaming can drive up gaming’s overall energy use.

“That means that if cloud gaming takes off, gaming’s carbon footprint could rise, too.”

the presentation of this is killing me




I’m using this Amazon Halo Fitbit clone and can’t comment on the workout stuff yet, but it has this creepy feature where it listens to every conversation you have and tries to analyze how other people perceive your speech.


I feel like I would do better at job interviews if they were debates. Let me square off with another candidate instead of with the ideal employee.

Remember when SSD drives were so fast they felt like magic, and then platform developers were like "I know, let's make our thing worse to compensate" and now SSD drives are barely acceptable and this dynamic also happened with every other hardware advance in the last 40 years

Abusive behaviour—and men getting away with it 

"Incompetence is less damaging than malice. And men — particularly powerful men — use that loophole like corporations use off-shore accounts. The bumbler takes one of our culture's most muscular myths — that men are clueless — and weaponizes it into an alibi."

I fear a pending collapse in computer literacy. Most kids now only have a phone and/or tablet and those are almost exclusively walled gardens. Apps and filters are amazing black boxes which reveal no hints of their internals

A few of my friends who teach are already lamenting the daily fight to get kids aquatinted with just the basics. Never mind Zoom, just *using* a computer

Current state of remote learning has really exposed the problem

I'm really excited for the new Xbox and PS5, can't wait to buy them in 2022!

In the meantime I'll be busy playing all the five-dollar-a-pop games from the (now still) current gen.

A free font, HyperLegible from the Braille institue. for those with poor vision and to be unambiguous

It's worth remembering that users don't care what version of Webpack or Rollup you're using. They just care if the app works and it's fast. Devs love to sprint to embrace some new tool that's supposedly going to make their own life easier (TypeScript, hot reloading, linters, faster build times, whatever). This kind of stuff has approximately zero impact on the user experience, though. And arguments that dev experience trickles down to user experience are largely wrong.

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Best possible outcome from Oracle v Google is I'm never able to write code ever again and I just stop using computers.

"The ones that love us least are the ones we'll die to please" – The Replacements

One of the worst crimes of social media, among many, is how algorithmic content presentation assumes people have no interest in individuals, only topics. It's so inhuman! What fuckup went 'ah yes, this person follows people who post trees, they must only be interested in trees, not the person. Trees, coming up!'

Lots of cheat codes and workarounds perpetuate tone and conventions from games made in the 80's and 90's by certain kinds of people, who perhaps were not thinking much of other kinds of people when they came up with them, huh?

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