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"What kind of moron pre-orders a game? […] You have to be a complete idiot to pre-order anything anymore that's offered digitally." – Michael Pachter

"some say [museums of art] can no longer afford to simply present art without addressing the issues that surround the artist — that institutions must play a more active role in educating the public about the human beings behind the work"

“a large number of military personnel on active service had been publicly sharing their location data and realised that the highlighting of such exercises as regular jogging routes could be dangerous.”

"Now even YouTube serves ads with CPU-draining cryptocurrency miners"

And the regular ads are like that for your mind, but people consider that part ok for some reason?

"At least one traffic intervention can save lives, at low cost and little time: That’s 'leading pedestrian intervals'… streetlights that give walkers a head-start before cars venture into an intersection."

"Bungie needs casual players and acting like they are a scourge upon the gaming industry is crazy. Casual players are the lifeblood of games and there are far more casuals than there are hardcore players. I think hardcore players are also important, but the reality is both are important. And for one to try to spite the other for any reason is silly."

There are a lot of reasons why one should not ask "would you buy it?" to a playtest participant.

Also, reflecting on how fortunate I feel to have grown up learning games on open, cheap (or easily pirated), wild-west periods/platforms—C64, DOS PC with freenet, DOOM/Quake/Unreal Tournament modding scenes—rather than during more closed, mature, sequel-heavy periods—Atari, SNES, PlayStation.

Thinking on Raph's talk on video game industry cycles, and his slide on how player expectations of games are affected by periods of greater change or consolidation particularly.

("Blue ocean" biz jargon notwithstanding.)

"The enduring political victory of the CIA was to convince intellectuals that serious and sustained political engagement on the left is incompatible with serious art and scholarship."

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