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"Designed, developed and published by a multicultural team from a wide range of ethnic philosophical and religious backgrounds" that all think these guns are baaadaassss!

SpyParty looks really fun—but, man, Hecker takes the whole "depth first, accessibility later" approach to PR and explanations too, huh?

"The amazingly bad item descriptions [in Far Cry 5]… It's like 'Your dad's on Facebook again!'" 😞

was just reminded that knowing one day is 86400 seconds is not, like, a thing everyone is knowing.

I wish
I could try
Visual-Syntactic Text
in the ebook reader,
web browser,
or whatever.

Reading samples
and using demos
only goes so far...

Designing Text UX for Effortless Reading: creating a well paced & focused experience of reading for players, particularly when on console.

Cleaned it up and it’s running much more quietly. Should’ve done this months ago.

Tossed about a half cup of water at my PC tower accidentally. Opened it up in a panic to find that the sheet of dust at the front absorbed almost all the water, saving its innards.

"Far Cry 5 is a game that’s selling itself on a serious narrative and a weird open world, and while reviews have generally agreed on the fact that it completely beefed the former, it does seem to be pretty successful at the latter."

"Your roots are strong, but only by constantly reaching for the sun will you grow above the rest of the forest."

Morality is an unspoken agreement between humans. Corporations can act human when it suits them, but they're closer to wild animals -- sometimes friendly, sometimes useful, sometimes harmful, but always with goals and incentives that are fundamentally unlike those of humans. You may feel a moral obligation towards a corporation or an animal, but it's one-sided: it feels no obligation whatsoever towards you.

The site I work for does a regular column where game developers big and small talk about games they love, also big and small. There's some really good stuff in there if it sounds like your kind of thing:

"[Far Cry 5's] ambitious setting doesn't pay off in this story that seems to want to hedge every chance it gets. The end result is a story that goes nowhere, says nothing, and fails to live up to the previous settings and villains in the franchise."

"What makes them so difficult to spot is that they're not spambots. They're real people who get trained and paid to spread propaganda."

“‘Cheating’ in the Brexit vote through the manipulation of data to influence voters may have altered the outcome.”

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