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"Instructors and students should not be promoting the concept of learning styles [e.g. 'visual,' 'auditory,' 'kinesthetic']…

"The adage of ‘I can’t learn subject X because I am a visual learner’ should be put to rest once and for all."

The tip of the iceberg was more than enough to sink the Titanic.

Do not buy tables or desks with glass tabletops.

"Narrative Aspects in games are mostly criticized and placed against high standards in reviews. Reviewers often feel that the advancement of Narrative quality has been lagging behind that of other key game Aspects such as Gameplay, Social, and Graphics…

"The game’s plot is also crucial to review score; Narrative progression holds a strong weight across all titles that include a story mode…"

What's the name of the song that's like '99-200x–era alternative metal that the chorus is them singing "Back home" four times in a row?

Enthusiast-run gaming network in Havana lets them play stuff like World of Warcraft without access to the, uh, larger internet. 🇨🇺

"Using standard valid HTML for site navigation is a perfectly accessible method of navigating a site… Somehow many developers have come to the conclusion that a web page is inaccessible unless it uses ARIA"

"The way I see it, there are only two significant failings in Far Cry 5. These are its story and the way it creates action in its open world."

"Designed, developed and published by a multicultural team from a wide range of ethnic philosophical and religious backgrounds" that all think these guns are baaadaassss!

SpyParty looks really fun—but, man, Hecker takes the whole "depth first, accessibility later" approach to PR and explanations too, huh?

"The amazingly bad item descriptions [in Far Cry 5]… It's like 'Your dad's on Facebook again!'" 😞

was just reminded that knowing one day is 86400 seconds is not, like, a thing everyone is knowing.

I wish
I could try
Visual-Syntactic Text
in the ebook reader,
web browser,
or whatever.

Reading samples
and using demos
only goes so far...

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