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We have added option to convert data from URL to complement conversion from local file and from the input text. For further information lucentinian.com/index.php/522/

Sometimes reading about cooking, like preparing marmalade, we get noticed about temperatures in sentences like "Once it reaches a setting point of 220°F, you’re marmalade is ready.", but how much Celsius degrees are 220 Fahrenheit?

You can use our Convert Data page to do such calculations. PS. Check the picture if you want to know the answer to the question above or visit our page convert.ehehdada.com/fahrenhei

Happy New Year 2020!
from our GUID/UUID generator Telegram bot

Happy New Year 2020! from our UML Telegram bot

title Happy New Year 2020
database "Lucentinian Works\nCo Ltd" as lucentinian
actor "Users" as users
lucentinian -> users : Greetings

Date time decoder has been added to our Convert Data webservice, where you will be able to know the date time from texts like 'yesterday', 'last fortnight', etc. and apply the timezone from different regions, country capitals, etc. and get it in ATOM, W3C, RSS, ISO and RFC formats. For more information, don't miss the announcement page lucentinian.com/index.php/489/

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