Honestly I think Linux would be better if it had fewer minigames

This... this is probably the most cursed thing I have ever done with a computer

Explanation: My install of WSL was so old that the WSL1->WSL2 upgrade process didn't even properly recognize it as WSL1. I'm having to do a lot of steps manually. For example, after finishing the upgrade it was logging in only as root, forcing me to look up the UID of my Linux user, open Windows "Registry Editor" and enter my Linux /usr/passwd UID into the Windows registry

Update: I have now successfully upgraded to WSL2 and then downgraded again to WSL1, after discovering WSL2 has absolutely unusable file performance when accessing the Windows partition. So in short I have spent a couple of hours to accomplish absolutely nothing, except that every file in my home directory now has incorrect permissions and every symlink in my home directory is now broken. Woe upon the day I had the hubris to attempt to upgrade a system that was already working


@mcc Use /home/user directory in Linux under WSL2 for file read/write performance.

@lucianmarin Unfortunately the use case for which I have WSL installed primarily involves editing files on the Windows partition.

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