for real tho, if you ever need any content warnings for a movie, check out

it doesn't just warn for animal death anymore. a ways back it started adding more and more content warnings.

it's gotten to warning for specific kinds of deaths, specific kinds of trauma and abuse, hatecrimes, specific mutilations, addictions, etc.

it's really really helpful for people with any kinds of triggers for stuff like that.

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"What will I be remembered for?" the emperor asked.
"By whom?" the seer replied.
"By everyone!"
"Everyone? Some people have never heard of you."
"And those who will remember me?"
"The closer they were to you, the smaller things they will remember."
The emperor left, content.

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Da mein Arbeitgeber mein #36c3-Ticket bezahlt, konnte ich es mir leisten, ein zweites zu kaufen, das ich jetzt verschenke. Sag mir einfach in einer DM, warum du ein Freiticket brauchst. Bonuspunkte für Nicht-Männer, Nicht-Weiße, Nicht-Heterosexuelle, Nicht-Cisgendered, Nicht-Europäer, Behinderte und/oder 25 oder jünger (alle Angaben freiwillig). DMs werden bis 2019-11-15T23:59:59Z akzeptiert, danach werde ich einen Gewinner auswählen.
Nur Ticket, kein Transport oder Unterkunft inklusive.

Honestly if anyone's gonna solve the impossible programming problem of the century, it's not gonna be a silicon valley startup looking to optimise their subscription-based ingredient delivery service, it's gonna be the guy who makes dwarf fortress because one day he decided to try and implement something like randomly generated recessive genetic disorders in sheep

Dwarf fortress is infinitely interesting to me because it's about two guys we spent twenty years making the most elaborate and detailed worldgen simulator ever known so that you can watch an ascii smiley face get murdered by the letter g

Hello, I’m in Athens and it’s full on summer here

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The #radicale project (selfhosting carddav/caldav solution) is currently looking for some new core maintainers.

If you would like to work on an awesome #opensource project and (in best case) you are familar with #python please join us.

Please re-toot and share it in your community if you want to help.

Morgen gibt es endlich wieder eine #CryptoParty in an der #UniBielefeld!
Gemeinsam könnt ihr Software ausprobieren, Techniken erlernen und diese direkt anwenden, um sich gegen Massenüberwachung zu wehren und die eigene #Privatsphäre zu schützen. Los geht es um 18:15 Uhr in UHG T2-213.

#DigitaleSelbstverteidigung #DigitalcourageHSG #Digitalcourage #FLOSS #FOSS #Bielefeld

CDU: 22,1% (centrists)
LINKE: 30,6% (leftists)
SPD: 8,3% (social democrats)
AfD: 23,6% (fascists)
Grüne: 5,0% (greens)
FDP: 5,0% (capitalists)
Other: 5,4%

Good that AfD doesn't have the most votes, however, the number is disgustingly large and there's no clear majority, unclear which coalition will form

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Mastodon (the father), Mastodon (the son), Mastodon (the holy spirit)

Order. Here is a picture of me yelling “Order!” riding high upon a giant flying flamingo over parliament like Daenerys Targaryen on her dragon.

All credit goes to Jim'll Paint It:

LOL! Nachdem ich die Tage mit meiner #Kreditkarte bei Flixbus nicht mehr ohne #MasterCardIdentiyCheck buchen konnte, dachte ich, ich schau mir das mal bei meiner Sparkasse an.
Ich brauche also die App #SIDCheck.
Im PlayStore Bewertungen checken ...
... Durchschnittsbewertung 2 von 5 Sternen?!? ... 😂 (Bei 2028 Rezensionen)
Chapeau #Sparkasse!! Das ist doch mal ein echtes Aushängeschild für die Qualität Eurer digitalen Kompetenzen!
Fingerabdruck, Root-Sperre, Android4.0 supported ...
Ihr Clowns!

We all know that Google (with Chrome-ium) has at least close to 90% of the browser marketshare on the internet.

Which is your primary browser on your computer?

Remember that Brave, Opera and Edge are Chromium derivatives. I consider Safari to be separate since it's Webkit and not Blink.

Retoot this to get more votes in.

#poll #browser #firefox #chromium

Im britischen Parlament steht der Bullshit-Level bei mindestens einem Meter und dann passiert so ein Highlight. Respekt!

My dream for Mastodon is for it to be a viable choice as a publishing platform for any creator. In other words, for people to not feel like they're locked in to Twitter or Instagram if they want to be professionally successful.

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