I'm heading over to bsd.network to enjoy a more meaningful timeline. The account on mastodon.social will be retired for the time being.

If you want, you can follow me at @luciusf.

fantastic talk by @michalkreil@twitter.com at about so called socialbots, their existence and the emerge of a new academic discipline. Great level of detail and mature observations:

media.ccc.de/v/34c3-9268-socia (english version on yt)

I should say that I didn’t really follow up on the c3nav story yet. From what I understood it has potential to spoil the described experience.

@luciusf But now, while lying in my bed, I cannot help but to feel quite alone and disappointed that tomorrow will not again hold all those exciting distractions. The overall spirit at this event was surprisingly positive, affirmative and optimistic, and it transported an encouraging ‘everyone can participate’ vibe (if you are willing to do the work of course). Thats probably the part I’ll miss most tomorrow.

is over. This was my first time, I did not know a lot of people and while feeling at home around my people, I also felt like a stranger or even an intruder in some cases. There seems to be an underlying code in everything happening which one can only grasp if long enough attending or really well networked. Surely I had some interesting discussions and I made some friends here and there, but most if them will likely soon have forgotten me. So thats that.

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