If you are curious about British colonial history and want an entertaining fictional read, Book 1 of the Flashman papers by George MacDonald Fraser might be worth a look. Tells of the misadventures of anti-hero Harry Flashman. A highlight for me is Flashman's observations of other less than savoury characters. Warning: does contain use of the n-word and some sexual violence. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Flas

I recently read Mogworld by Yahtzee Croshaw. It was a very funny read. I loved the character of Father Thaddeus especially with his emergent layers.

I am doing more training this week. I think that if you need to build a professional brand as you move and progress into a new career that this course in social media might be helpful: futurelearn.com/courses/digita This is also helpful if you have a business that would benefit from a social media presence.

For those looking to make career changes or improvements I recommend taking the Open University's Developing Careers Resilience course: open.edu/openlearn/ocw/mod/ouc
It teaches useful techniques for goal setting and considering your strengths and sources of support.

In my news, I've really struggled with my energy levels of late, but for the moment I am setting myself a schedule of 3hrs deskwork (currently doing student work that is not being assessed for the extra practice) and some yardwork (eg 30 mins chopping overgrowth) to get me moving. I'm concerned about going too far and then being overcome with exhaustion as happened a few weeks a go, so slowly does it.

Really happy this week about the summer Free School Meals campaign from Marcus Rashford. I hope he remains an anti-poverty ally.

Nice choice. That will be something cheerful to be greeted by. 👍

I handed in my last assignment for the year. Feels good. However, as exams and end of module assessments were cancelled I am going to take a look at my EMA next week and a couple of past papers after that. It will be good to test myself without the pressure of deadlines.

It's been an up and down mix of days but some consistency is starting to emerge. Definitely becoming more productive again.

I recently went down the You Tube rabbit hole and discovered my comedy hero Paul Nicholas has quite a musical theatre history. I heartily recommend this recording open.spotify.com/album/1miRyzb but there are other albums out there more specific to the shows. Some very emotive and uplifting singing.

Trying the approach of leaving my bedroom curtain slightly open so that light wakes me instead of an alarm. Up before 07:30 today, so far so good.

Still alive, just functioning on zombie level at the moment. Assignments to do, little energy, not sleeping right, that kind of thing.

I managed my second PE with Joe session today. I hope I can do at least 3 next week. I am finding his exercise and rest time intervals work well for me. Doing things like the spider webbing slings are good fun, too.

Took a P.E. lesson from Joe Wick Body Coach this morning via his live You Tube feed. youtube.com/watch?v=Rz0go1pTda Nice to do something that I know others are doing at the same time. Unfortunately I am not a school child but a rather sedentary adult who needs to sip drinks frequently and not run on turbo, haha. I thought the exercises were good though - I've done similar following Pop Sugar Fitness in the past.

Very busy with studying of late (it helps to have my energy back after viruses and what felt like 3 months of November), but I caught some Supervet over tea earlier and was impressed with the leg (German Shepherd) and spinal (rottweiler pup) surgery shown tonight. I wonder if the dogs know that the vet has done something to their bodies to make them better.

Movie watching (and talking about it) is on hold until I catch up on coursework after too many colds this term. 😥 One of my deadlines is next week, so fingers crossed I can do a good job on it.

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